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File: lem1802util.h
Project: DCPU-16 Toolchain
Component: LibDCPU-VM
Authors: James Rhodes
José Manuel Díez
Tyrel Haveman
Patrick Flick
Description: Declares utility functions for LEM1802.
#ifndef __DCPU_HW_LEM1802_UTIL_H
#define __DCPU_HW_LEM1802_UTIL_H
#include <stdint.h>
void vm_hw_lem1802_util_raw2rgb(uint16_t raw, unsigned char * rgb);
uint16_t vm_hw_lem1802_util_rgb2raw(unsigned char * rgb);
int vm_hw_lem1802_util_loadpng(int* out_width, int* out_height, int* out_has_alpha, unsigned char** outData);
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