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File: aerr.c
Project: DCPU-16 Tools
Component: Assembler
Authors: James Rhodes
Description: Implements error handling infrastructure
so that the assembler can safely handle
errors as they occur.
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <setjmp.h>
#include <ppexpr.h>
#include "aerr.h"
// Error strings
const char* err_strings[21] =
"assembler: generic assembling error.\n",
"assembler: label '%s' not found.\n",
"assembler: attempted to output NULL operation.\n",
"assembler: can not use register '%s' in brackets.\n",
"assembler: can not use register '%s' as next value.\n",
"assembler: relocation table too large.\n",
"assembler: unsupported parameter passed to DAT instruction.\n",
"assembler: unsupported parameter passed to non-DAT instruction.\n",
"assembler: unsupported keyword encountered.\n",
"assembler: extension table too large.\n",
"assembler: extension %s is not known to the assembler.\n",
"assembler: can not use label '%s' as next value.\n",
"assembler: unrecognized opcode '%s' encountered.\n",
"assembler: unable to include binary file '%s' inline.\n",
"assembler: the .EXPORT and .IMPORT directives can not be used unless generating intermediate code.\n",
"assembler: operation not defined for label resolution.\n",
"assembler: unable to resolve '%s' as label resolution is not permitted at this time.\n",
"assembler: the imported label '%s' may not be used as a component of an expression.\n",
"assembler: expression '%s' evaluates to zero while being used as a divisor.\n",
"assembler: .OUTPUT is not permitted prior to .SECTION.\n",
"assembler: invalid parameter count for instruction.\n"
// Error definition
jmp_buf errjmp;
// Utility method for throwing errors.
void ahalt(int errid, const char* errdata)
struct errinfo* err = malloc(sizeof(struct errinfo));
err->errid = errid;
err->errdata = errdata;
longjmp(errjmp, (long)err);
uint16_t ahalt_label_resolution_not_permitted(bstring name)
return 0;
void ahalt_expression_exit_handler(int code, void* data)
switch (code)
ahalt(ERR_LABEL_NOT_FOUND, ((bstring)data)->data);
ahalt(ERR_EXPRESSION_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO, ((bstring)data)->data);
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