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File: pplua.h
Project: DCPU-16 Toolchain
Component: LibDCPU-PP
Authors: James Rhodes
Description: Declares the public API for the preprocessor to load
custom Lua modules.
#include <bstring.h>
#include "dcpu.h"
struct pp_state
void (*pp_lua_print)(const char* text, void* ud);
void (*pp_lua_print_line)(const char* text, void* ud);
void (*pp_lua_scope_enter)(bool output, void* ud);
void (*pp_lua_scope_exit)(void* ud);
void (*pp_lua_add_symbol)(const char* symbol, void* ud);
struct customarg_entry
struct expr* expr;
bstring word;
bstring string;
int number;
void pp_lua_init();
void pp_lua_handle(struct pp_state* state, void* scanner, bstring name, list_t* parameters);
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