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tie2misp was replaced by tiffy and is therefore no longer supported.


Import DCSO TIE IOCs as MISP events



The MISP user should be able to create events and to tag them. For this we suggest to create a separate role with the permission Tagger enabled.



$ git clone
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt


The command line client expects a configuration and tag file in the tie2misp/settings directory where you have to define the required API keys and URLs. To create the config and tag file, just copy the config.sample.yml and tags.sample.yml file to config.yml and tags.yml and edit it.

$ cp settings/config.sample.yml settings/config.yml
$ cp settings/tags.sample.yml settings/tags.yml

$ vim settings/config.yml

$ vim settings/tags.yml


To start the parser just run:

$ ./tie2misp c2server

The parser will now process all IOCs as attributes beginning from the actual system date.

To process attributes from a specific date you can use the --date YYYY-MM-DD option

$ ./tie2misp c2server --date 2017-03-13

If you don't want to upload attributes directly, you could use the --noupload and --file flag. The parser will then create a local file named c2server_031609be-0d88-11e7-9c31-784f437ac6ae.json in the tie2misp directory

$ ./tie2misp c2server --date 2017-03-13 --noupload --file

Additionally, you can set only the --file flag. The parser will now create and upload attributes for MISP and additionally create a local JSON MISP file.

$ ./tie2misp c2server --date 2017-03-13 --file

If you run the tie2misp parser with cron and want to process all IOCs from the last day, you could use the --delay INT option. As example:

$ ./tie2misp c2server --delay 1

the parser will process with the system date 2017-03-14 all IOCs from 2017-03-13. You could define a delay greater 1 but keep in mind that you could get a lot of IOCs...

Using the actor or family parameter

Sometimes it's necessary to get all IOC's from a specific attacker group or tool family. In most cases these are known under more than one name. Because of this, TIE2MISP offers the capability to search for this values with the actor or family parameter.

To do this, you must create a simple file that contains the values that you want to search (the file can contain 1-n values).

vim crazypanda_families.txt

The file itself might looks like this

$ cat crazypanda_families.txt

Query family based IOC's

$ ./tie2misp family --searchfile crazypanda_families.txt

Query actor based IOC's

$ ./tie2misp actor --searchfile crazypanda_actor_names.txt

Using a proxy

TIE2MISP offers various ways for the use of a proxy. First, if the system variable HTTP_PROXY or HTTPS_PROXY is set, tie2misp will automatically use the given information's.

If no system variable is used, tie2misp will check if the parameter --proxy_http or --proxy_https is set. If so, TIE2MISP will use the parameter for pulling and pushing informations.

You can use only --proxy_http or --proxy_https or both

$ ./tie2misp c2server --date 2017-03-13 --proxy_http ""
$ ./tie2misp c2server --date 2017-03-13 --proxy_http " --proxy_https ""

With HTTP Basic Auth

$ ./tie2misp c2server --date 2017-03-13 --proxy_http "http://user:pass@"

In some special case's, it's useful to only set a proxy for the connection to MISP or TIE. If the proxy parameter for TIE or MISP is used, TIE2MISP will ignore the --proxy_http or --proxy_https parameter as whole as the system variable HTTP_PROXY or HTTPS_PROXY.

$ ./tie2misp c2server --date 2017-03-13 --proxy_misp_http ""
$ ./tie2misp c2server --date 2017-03-13 --proxy_tie_https ""

It's also possible to use a different Proxy for TIE and MISP together:

$ ./tie2misp c2server --date 2017-03-13 --proxy_misp_http "" --proxy_tie_https "


This software is released under a BSD 3-Clause license. Please have a look at the LICENSE file included in the repository.

Copyright (c) 2016, DCSO Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation GmbH


Please use the new instead!







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