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Commits on Nov 25, 2009
  1. @brixen

    Fix release task.

    brixen authored
  2. @brixen
  3. @brixen
  4. @brixen

    Fixed running IRB from install.

    brixen authored
    This should be considered a provsional fix. See the comment
    in the install task. One problem with this approach is that
    the assumption is the .rb file will have an older date than
    the .rbc file. Another problem is that it simply masks very
    bad practice, like looking specifically for a something.rb
    file instead of relying on the require machinery to do its
    job. Rubinius will be susceptible to these sorts of bugs.
  5. @brixen
  6. @brixen
  7. @brixen

    Updated install instructions.

    brixen authored
  8. @brixen

    Make error msg more descriptive when runtime is not found.

    brixen authored
    Rubinius is built with a hard-coded path for where it should locate the core
    (kernel) library files and the standard library. If the directory is moved,
    rbx will be unable to find the files. However, you can set RBX_RUNTIME to
    the location of the kernel files and RBX_LIB to the location of the standard
    library and rbx should run.
  9. @brixen

    Added new rake install tasks.

    brixen authored
  10. @brixen
  11. @brixen

    Reworked configuring tasks.

    brixen authored
    The ./configure script is the root of the configuration data tree.
    All basic configuration values should be defined by running this
    script. The data flows out to two primary places: ./config.rb and
    vm/gen/config.h. The data in config.rb can be loaded to access
    configuration values in e.g. rake tasks. The data in vm/gen/config.h
    is used to set the fundamental constants in the VM.
    All other configuration data is derived from these two locations.
    For example, lib/rbconfig.rb values are derived from the basic
    path constants defined via config.h.
  12. Keep command stubs for preinstall gems

    Evan Phoenix authored
  13. Add rdoc, rake, and rake-compiler and preinstalled gems

    Evan Phoenix authored
  14. Add another benchmark and a util script

    Evan Phoenix authored
  15. Gracefully fail from a JIT error. Fixes #88.

    Evan Phoenix authored
    There are still some code shapes the JIT doesn't support. Be sure to
    check that the JIT actually compiled the function properly before trying
    to use it.
  16. Delay loading yaml in rubygems, reduces startup time

    Evan Phoenix authored
  17. Fix rb_const_[defined|get]. Fixes syck/rdoc generation.

    Evan Phoenix authored
Commits on Nov 24, 2009
  1. Remove old assert. Fixes #82.

    Evan Phoenix authored
  2. Flesh out IO#read_nonblock spec

    Evan Phoenix authored
  3. Fix IO#read_nonblock

    Evan Phoenix authored
  4. Use proper long long conversion method

    Evan Phoenix authored
  5. Add missing include

    Evan Phoenix authored
  6. Start Array#pack cleanup

    Evan Phoenix authored
    Converted some of the integer conversions to use FFI, much faster than
    doing the int -> string conversion in Ruby.
  7. Additional read/write methods for MemoryPointer

    Evan Phoenix authored
  8. Don't have gcc write to /dev/null, it's stupid. Fixes #85.

    Evan Phoenix authored
    Seems that -o /dev/null in gcc causes it to truncate and replace
    /dev/null, rather than writing to it like a shell would. Oops.
  9. Fix JIT codegen bug. Fixes #80.

    Evan Phoenix authored
    This changes how the JIT follows which opcode to generate code for.
    It's now done by following the control flow with memoization, which
    makes sure that the JIT never has to reason about dead code.
Commits on Nov 23, 2009
  1. @dbussink
  2. Remove String#encoding since it doesn't work yet

    Evan Phoenix authored
    Having String#encoding confuses some code that expects to run on 1.8 and
  3. Add C-API tests

    Evan Phoenix authored
  4. Pass AsMethod#arity through to CompiledMethod

    Evan Phoenix authored
  5. A number of C-API fixes for nokogiri

    Evan Phoenix authored
  6. @dbussink
  7. @dbussink
  8. @dbussink
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