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Welcome to the Open Data DC Requests and Contributions Repo!

We think we do a pretty good job of capturing information about DC’s complex urban, real-world attribution in Open Data DC: however, we know it's not all here. Help improve yours and everyone’s experience by sharing questions, requests and even grumblings. We also accept accolades! Let’s discuss…

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By the way...

DC realizes that data’s greatest value comes from having it freely shared to the extent possible when considering safety, privacy and security. We have hundreds of datasets and web services already available. Our teams across DC government agencies are working together to add new data sets, keep data current and troubleshoot any problems. All with the intent to improve your experience. We invite you to share your experiences here.

The District works on an “open by default” data policy. What does this mean? Learn more about this Data Policy and browse the Chief Data Officer’s Annual Report. You might find more of what is planned and what already exists. Publishing new data is a careful and thoughtful process and therefore thank you for your civic participation in Open Data DC.


The Open Data DC Requests Repo is a place for the public to request new datasets, inquire about new ones, and report site bugs



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