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This repo is a collection of samples designed to demonstrate how developers can use the json-based APIs found at Open Data DC to build data-centric applications. It is managed by DC Government staff members of Chief Data Officer's team.

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About the Samples

The samples...

  • require only basic developer or analyst skills and tools.
  • are easily hacked by simply changing data sources, titles, and making other minor configuration changes.
  • have an understated but pleasing look-and-feel.
  • show how you can consume data on Open Data DC in lots of clients: esri, D3, mapbox, leaflet, google maps

Table of Contents

Number Name Description Technologies
1 dcopendata_atmlocations_arcgis Simple clustering using ArcGIS JS API Dojo, ArcGIS JS API
2 dcopendata_bikeshare_mapbox Uses pin to location and simple buffer to reveal points in range, includes seach by location, 'my location', and drag and drop/click anywhere responses Mapbox GL JS, JQuery
3 dcopendata_buildingpermits_mapbox Simple clustering example with slider to display monthly datasets using Mapbox Mapbox GL JS, JQuery, D3
4 dcopendata_crime_collapsibletree_mapbox Displays crime data using dendrogram using mapbox Mapbox GL JS, D3, JQuery
5 dcopendata_crime_treemap_d3 Displays crime data as a treemap using d3 D3, JQuery
6 dcopendata_income_choropleth_arcgis Load values and display them with graduated colors with additional popups on scroll over/click using ArcGIS JS API Dojo, ArcGIS JS API
7 dcopendata_income_choropleth_google Load values and display them with graduated colors with additional popups on scroll over/click using Google Maps JS API Google Maps JS API, JQuery
8 dcopendata_school_buffer_arcgis Simple example of geometry engine buffering using ArcGIS JavaScript API 4.X Dojo, ArcGIS JS API
9 dcopendata_school_mapbox Simple example of how to create side layout next to map and add interaction between data list item and map Mapbox JS, JQuery
10 dcopendata_ward_leaflet Simple example of loading in a basic data set into a leaflet map Leaflet, JQuery
11 dcopendata_cama_python Example of creating visual displays with python in a Jupyter Notebook Python, Jupyter Notebooks







Other examples of interesting and effective uses of data on


An open source starter kit featuring samples that show you how to use Data APIs from with Esri maps, Mapbox, D3, and Leaflet.







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