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The DDD East Midlands Blog
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The DDD East Midlands Blog

Welcome to the repository for the DDD East Midlands Blog!

After much persuasion from the community, we have decided to move away from Medium and host our blogs using Jekyll.

We chose Jekyll as it is a framework we, the organisers, are familiar with and it allows posts to be submitted in markdown, which we hope will still keep the barrier to entry low.

Want to contribute?

We have some handy contribution guidelines to help provide some guidance.

But first....

Please read through the Code Of Conduct to make sure your submissions abide to it.

Running this project locally

Using Docker

Install docker following the official steps here and then run:

  • docker-compose up
  • docker will run jekyll serve so you can modify files and the site will rebuild in docker.
  • The site will be accessible at localhost:4000.

Need to contact us?

Email jessica {at}

Jessica (co-organiser of DDD East Midlands) will get back to you as soon as she is able.

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