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DDD East Midlands

Build Status



Branding Guide

Contribution Guidelines

Code of Conduct


Install it:

npm install

Running the site

To run a local version of the site with hot reload run:

npm run dev

To run a local copy of the site without hot reloading, mimicking a live environment run:

npm run start

Exporting the site

Run the following 2 commands

npm run build npm run export

This will build all assets and pages followed by exporting all to the out folder.

This can then be uploaded into any static site hosting.

If you want to test the exported site you can install the serve module

npm install -g serve

The cd out and run

serve -p 8080

Branding Guide

When making aesthetic changes to the site, please try to keep to our branding.

This follows the following theme palette:

theme.palette = {
    primary: '#1A7D87',
    secondary: '#C01439',
    tertiary: '#1A1E1E',
    quaternary: '#B5C6C4',
    light: '#FFFFFF',
    dark: '#000000',