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Audio Visualizer Addon for Blender

Generates and animates visualizer bars based on a song file.

Disclamer: unfinished pre-alpha code, made back in 2013, most recent test with blender v2.76, not tested with others, can potentially be broken, use at own risk.

Official Website:

Audio Visualizer

Support Me



Install Addon

  • Option A (
    • In, edit the blender_addon_dir variable as needed
    • Run python
  • Option B (manual copy)
    • Open the blender addons folder (Ex: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.78\scripts\addons)
    • Copy the add_dz_visualizer folder there

Enable Addon in Blender

  • Start Blender
  • Go to File->User Preferences->Add-ons
  • Under Supported Level click "Testing"
  • Find and enable the Music Visualiser addon by clicking the checkbox next to it

Use Addon

See my Audio Visualizer Blender Add-On Preview and Daybreak Cinema Visualization videos for examples

Generate Geometry

Generate Geometry




  • Blender will hang after checking the animate checkbox untill the animation calculations are done. Be Patient! Esp for large songs and slow computers.
  • Large values for rows and columns in the grid generator will also lag, use with caution.
  • Generally: smaller grids and songs = faster