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Commits on Sep 27, 2012
Commits on Sep 26, 2012
  1. @Montellese
  2. @Memphiz
  3. @Montellese
  4. [pvr] fixed: don't blindly deref pointer

    spiff committed
    observed causing segfaults on exit, did not track down exactly how
  5. fixed: meh, too tired

    spiff committed
  6. [pvr] fixed: re-add missing string

    spiff committed
  7. @pieh

    GUIDialogContentSettings: fill scrapers on each window init and not j…

    pieh committed
    …ust on first one, save last selected scraper when deiniting
    fixes #13351, thanks @dersphere for tracking it down
  8. @davilla
  9. @davilla
  10. @davilla

    [osx/ios] fixed, log message is incorrect, darwin uses internal ffmpe…

    davilla committed
    …g but compiled static so it just looks like external
  11. @davilla

    fixed, disable debug code and stop spamming xbmc.log with info that o…

    davilla committed
    …nly matters when developing
  12. @gnif

    [AE][Pulse] fixed again... this time compile tested

    gnif committed
    Sorry about this spam people, I did not have a PA test environment handy to make sure this was correct.
  13. @davilla
  14. @davilla

    fixed, EPGManager runs even when PVR is disabled. Move start/stop of …

    davilla committed
    …EPGManager into start/stop of PVRManager, if we do not have PVRManager running then running EPGManager makes no sense
  15. @davilla
  16. @davilla

    remove xbmc.log spam

    davilla committed
  17. @gnif

    [AE][Pulse] fixed properly usage of CAEWAVLoader

    gnif committed
    Lesson learnt... make a PR next time :)
  18. @gnif
  19. @pieh
  20. @gnif
  21. @gnif
  22. @gnif
  23. @gnif

    [AE][WAV] Improved the performance of wav loading

    gnif committed
    This changes the wav loader to call the conversion method on the entire sample
    buffer instead of on each sample so that any optimizations in the conversion
    method such as SSE can be leveraged.
  24. @pieh

    GUIDialogContextMenu: force setting initial visibility before adding …

    pieh committed
    …context buttons in case skinner used custom buttoms with visible condition so total size of grouplist children is correct
  25. @pieh

    partially revert 90fa342, process static content and set default item…

    pieh committed
    … in CGUIBaseContainer::AllocResources
    ::SetInitialVisibility was wrong place as we call it twice before and after we restore control states, we need to process and set default item before that and AllocResources seems good place for it
  26. @gnif
  27. @gnif
  28. @gnif

    [AE][SoftAE] Fixed segfaults & improved WAV handling

    gnif committed
    Previously when a sound was played, if the format did not match the sink format
    it would be re-loaded from the disk and re-sampled each time the sink re-opened.
    This behaviour has been changed so that the samples are cached along with the
    original format information. This will reduce the re-init latency.
    A new method has been added to check if the current output WAV format is
    compatible with the required output format, so that re-init is not performed
    when it is not required. This fixes the soft suspend issue with SoftAE in
    CSoftAE::MixSounds which caused stack smashing.
    This also fixes a long standing bug in CSoftAE::MixSounds when multiple sounds
    are played at once that was also causing stack smashing.
Commits on Sep 25, 2012
  1. @elupus
  2. @huceke

    [rbp] changed use bitstream converter for getting sps/pps and do not …

    huceke committed
    …convert frames. saves cpu time.
  3. @huceke
  4. @huceke
  5. @huceke
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