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etc New: nginx HTTPS configuration. Fixed #398 Nov 9, 2015
helper_scripts Fixed: Requires user to input username and password Jun 23, 2015
.gitignore Add jobs to gitignore Sep 19, 2017
.touch Creating a '.touch' file to trigger a new Travis build Jun 2, 2014
AUTHORS Fixed: typo Feb 23, 2015
__init__.py Add initial project structure (incomplete) May 22, 2012
celery_start.sh.in WIP: autoconf for setting files Aug 10, 2015
configure.ac Add missing configuration variables to configure.ac. Aug 14, 2017
gunicorn_start.sh.in FIX: timeout on large files Oct 31, 2016
manage.py Add initial project structure (incomplete) May 22, 2012
readme.md Make website URL case-sensitive Mar 22, 2017
requirements.txt Added Werkzeug to requirements Aug 10, 2017