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libmei is a C++ library for manipulating MEI files. At its most basic, it provides a thin wrapper around the libxml2 library, and allows application developers to manipulate MEI elements and attributes as C++ objects. Currently, the library has been tested and compiles on Mac OS X and Linux machines.

libmei is designed to be "expression-agnostic," which means that, while XML is the primary expression of MEI, it does not assume that it is the only expression possible. Other markup languages that follow MEI may be added with no changes necessary to the core libmei code.

The first release focuses primarily on the core MEI functionality. There is another, experimental layer that functions on top of this core that provides handy features like data type checking, "musical" convenience functions (like getting all notes in a tie) and other handy things. These features are still under heavy development, though, and should only be used if you know what you're doing.

Musical Methods

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