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Tripoli: IIIF Document Validation

Tripoli is a validator for documents conforming to the IIIF presentation API 2.1. It makes it easy to validate documents, apply provider specific heuristics, and even correct documents while they are being validated.


Detailed documentation is available at


Python 3.5+ is required to run Tripoli. You can install Tripoli using pip.

> pip install tripoli

Quick start

Once installed, it's easy to start validating. Tripoli can validate the entire document, and will log informative errors and warnings with helpful paths.

>>> from tripoli import IIIFValidator

>>> iv = IIIFValidator()
>>> iv.validate(some_manifest)
    Error: Field has no '@language' key where one is required. - data['metadata']['value']
    Error: viewingHint 'pages' is not valid and not uri. - data['sequences']['canvases']['viewingHint']
    Warning: logo SHOULD be IIIF image service. - data['logo']
    Warning: manifest SHOULD have thumbnail field. - data['thumbnail']
    Warning: Unknown key 'see_also' in 'manifest' - data['see_also']
    Warning: ImageResource SHOULD have @id field. - data['sequences']['canvases']['images']['@id']