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Group Assignment - Data Driven Security

Group Assignment base repository for the Data Driven Security subject of the CyberSecurity Management Msc.

Project Title

Domain graph malware analisys.

Project Description

The project attempts to analyze the domain introduced by the user in order to create a graph with its sites and links. The purpose is searching malware in the domain and its related sites.

  1. Crawler.R: The domain is read and analyzed to search for links and new domains. Afterwards, links are cleaned and formated so as to analyse the information

  2. ExpositionCrawlingData.R: Graph and summaries about collected data are generated, e.g common external domains, ...

  3. MalwareData.R: Malware domain information is downloaded from several sources.

  4. AnalyzeDomains.R: Links, which where extracted from the Crawler, are analyzed and compared with the malware information collected.

  5. ExpositionMalwareData.R: Graphs are generated to show malware information about the domain analyzed.


The goal of the project is detect whether it is possible to reach a domain with malware or spam from a given domain.

Data acquisition

Malware information can be found on the following sources:

Data analysis

We can found a complete domain analysis on the domain under vignettes. However, a complete inform about other domains can be created changing the url parameter.

Results / Conclusions.

After performing different analysis, we found it is very easy to reach a potentially dangerous domain from any kind of domain. Nevertheless, the most difficult task is getting a valid source of malware domain, with the current sources there are many false positives. Consequently, it is needed to add a whitelist of domains to have more acurate results.

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