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|                  MistServer                     |
| Copyright 2010-2015 DDVTech BV, The Netherlands |
|                                                 |
|        Licensed under the aGPLv3 license        |
|        See COPYING file for full license        |

NOTE: TinyThread++ is included also, but *not* copyright DDVTech BV.
License and author information for TinyThread++ can be found in the tinythread.h/cpp files.

The latest version of this code can always be found at:

For full documentation/changelogs/etc visit our wiki at:

Code contributions and bug reports are welcomed! Please submit at:

To install using default options, simply run:
  make && sudo make install

Dependencies: none

The makefile will listen to the following variables:
  DEBUG            Sets the debug message level. 4 is the default (and recommended setting for development), 0 is quiet, 10 is insanely high.
  PACKAGE_VERSION  Overrides the server version number string. You shouldn't need to use this, normally.
  RELEASE          Overrides the release name. You shouldn't need to use this, normally.
  prefix           Prefix to install files to. Defaults to /usr
  exec_prefix      Prefix to install object code and binaries to. Defaults to $(prefix)
  includedir       Directory to install headers to. Defaults to $(prefix)/include
  libdir           Directory to install libraries to. Defaults to $(exec_prefix)/lib
  bindir           Directory to install binaries to. Defaults to $(exec_prefix)/bin
  DESTDIR          Global prefix that will be put in front of any and all other file paths.
  CPPFLAGS         Flags for compiling object files. Defaults to -Wall -g -O2
  LDLIBS           Libraries to include. Defaults to none.
  THREADLIB        Libraries to include for threaded binaries. Defaults to -lpthread
  WITH_THREADNAMES If set, this will set names of threads in threaded binaries. Defaults to being unset.

Use "make var1=val1 var2=val2" to set these. For example:
  make install DEBUG=0 prefix=/usr/local
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