javascript node.js buffer extension, which does hold a native buffer underneath and reallocates it automagically if something gets appended which exceeds its size
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DynamicBuffer, a wrapper around node.js Buffer class

The Buffer class of node.js by default cannot be used as buffer to concatenate strings, like StringBuilder known from java []. This module contains a wrapper around node.js Buffer to concatenate strings into a Buffer, while automatically creating larger Buffers in the background, if more space is needed.

 * constructor, takes a starting size for the underlying buffer
 * and a factor, in which the buffer grows, if it gets to small.
 * Both have defaults (512 and 2.0).
var DynamicBuffer = module.exports = function(_size, _factor)

 * append a string to the buffer and return it for chaining
DynamicBuffer.prototype.append = function(_string)

 * append a byte to the buffer and return it for chaining
DynamicBuffer.prototype.write = function(_byte)

 * append a javascript (V8) buffer or DynamicBuffer to this one
 * and return it for chaining
DynamicBuffer.prototype.concat = function(_buffer)

 * get a copy of this DynamicBuffer. Changing one of the buffers does
 * not change the other one. Will accept an optional size for the copy.
 * If not given, the new one will be exactly the same as the original.
DynamicBuffer.prototype.clone = function(_newBufferSize, _newResizeFactor)

 * shrinks this buffer either to the given size, or the length of the current buffer.
 * This method is mainly used to squeeze out the last bytes of memory, or increase the
 * size for large chunks of data to come
DynamicBuffer.prototype.resizeUnderlyingBuffer = function(_size)

 * return a view of the underlying buffer that only contains the written space.
 * Changing that view will change this buffer, too.
DynamicBuffer.prototype.getBuffer = function()