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Java interpreter and code interaction
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Stands for Java interpreter and code interaction.

> import java.util.List;
> import java.util.ArrayList;
> List<CharSequence> stuff = new ArrayList<CharSequence>(10);
> stuff.add(new StringBuilder("two").append("three"));
> stuff.add("one");
> List<? extends CharSequence> vagueStuff = stuff;
> vagueStuff.get(1)
Type: CAP#1 extends java.lang.CharSequence
Value: one
> stuff
Type: java.util.List<java.lang.CharSequence>
Value: [twothree, one]

Currently supported are expressions (all operators), including arrays, field accesses, method and constructor calls. Generic types are fully supported, with the exception of inference. Imports and variable declaration statements are also supported.


If you are using Git, use this command to clone the project: git clone


Install Gradle. Use the command gradle to build.


Use the command gradle run to run.
Running JICI will start a read-evaluate-print loop. A proper environment has yet to be setup so the prompt is very basic.

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