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README for apt-dater-host

Setup hosts managed by apt-dater:

You need a SSH server and sudo installed. Create a user (the-user in this example) which will be used to install updates (using root is NOT recommended).

useradd the-user

Modify the sudoers rules, e.g. /etc/sudoers or /etc/sudoers.d/apt-dater-host:

Defaults env_reset,env_keep=MAINTAINER
the-user ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/apt-get, /usr/sbin/needrestart

For non apt-based distributions you need to replace /usr/bin/apt-get with the equivalent, e.g. /usr/bin/yum.

You can verify the setup by calling

sudo -l -U the-user

Additional steps for a manual apt-dater-host installation:

Put apt-dater-host on the managed host (folder must be present in $PATH of the-user).

Put apt-dater-host.conf to $CFGFILE (default is /etc/apt-dater-host.conf).

At your management server:

Create a user on your management server which perform updates on your hosts.

Generate a SSH keypair:

ssh-keygen [..] -f ~/.ssh/apt-dater

Distribute the public key(s) e.g.:

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ the-user@managed-host