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Display and Management of Geomatics Research Data

  • Timothy Daniel Trewartha
  • Michiel Johan Baird

Zamani Project

  • Started by the UCT Department of Geomatics in 2004
  • Aims to preserve cultural heritage by documenting sites and producing laser scanned models
  • Over 100 models of sites in various African countries including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania
  • Some of the models are very large and contain billions of points

Problems Faced

  • Fast-growing volume of data
  • Difficulty in storing the data
  • Difficulty with viewing the large models in real-time
  • Data locality issues
  • Large number of users interact with the data

Solution Approach

  • To enable viewing of the large 3D models at interactive frame rates we will implement a hierachical multi-resolution data structure
  • A server with a large amount of storage will be procured; this will be used to store the models and GIS data, and support the core functionalities of the solution.

Division of Work

  • Tim will be implementing the hierachical datastructure to enable real-time interaction with the large 3D models.
  • Michiel will be implementing a Scientific workbench that is specialised for GIS research. This will pay special attention to data movement and intergration with existing GIS tools.
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