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@@ -49,7 +49,8 @@ \section{Introduction}
first functional product, this product is then evaluatated and continues
on the next iteration. Section~\ref{iteration3} follows the critisisms that
were highlighted in the evaluation in Section~\ref{iteration2} and makes
-improvements on the design where certain functionality can
+improvements on the design where certain functionality can be improved
+or added.
\section{Design Considerations\label{design_consdierations}}
@@ -660,7 +661,9 @@ \subsubsection{Features}
feature is added that copies over the structure of an existing site, and then
just requires the files to be chosen.
The system was implemented using the \emph{Django framework}. This was done in 3 parts:
\item database setup
@@ -800,11 +803,114 @@ \subsubsection{User Interface}
In addition to \emph{jsPlumb}, \emph{jQuery} and \emph{jQuery UI} is used extensively to build
the client side interface.
+To evaluate the second iteration the system was given to five Computer Science honours students.
+They were then asked to critically evaluate the system. The purposes was to highlight any major
+issues that were missed. By fixing these issues at this stage of the process it avoids that it
+becomes a sticking issue when further user testing is done, which would cause the User Experience
+testing to be less effective.
+This brought up a number of issues are present during this iteration. The issues found are
+as follows:
+ \item[Aesthetic Appeal]\hfill \\
+ Universally the system is brought down due to it's lack of aesthtic apeal, which distracts
+ from the task at hand.
+ \item[Lack of logical Flow]\hfill \\
+ Some controls seem to be out of place making there purpose hard to figure out, this
+ would require some reordering.
+ \item[Site Filter is confusing] \hfill \\
+ The site filter appears like a button and as such it's purpose is misleading.
+ \item[Technical Namings] \hfill \\
+ The use of technical language makes the system unsuited to a user without
+ a Computer Science background. Naming should be changed to better include
+ a wider audience.
+ \item[Cycles aren't being checked] \hfill \\
+ The system uses a \emph{Directed Acyclic Graph} to represent the workflow however when the
+ workflow is updated cycle checking is not done. This could lead a workflow to enter an
+ unsatisfyable state.
+ \item[Allow User Specified ordering] \hfill\\
+ It was noted that users cannot order tasks which makes things difficult to find.
+ \item[File Picker is too simple] \hfill \\
+ The file picker is severely lacking and would be aided by using a more standard
+ tree view.
+\section{Final Design Iteration\label{iteration3}}
+This iteration builds on Section~\ref{iteration2}, addression the issues raised during the evaluation
+phase. This iterations aims to improve usability issues, encountered in the previous iteration. The
+system is then evaluated for user experience by performing a user experience study with several users.
+In order to improve the usability of the system the design of the system was altered to include a
+number of changes. In order to improve the overall aethestics of the system a templated style sheet
+will be used. To improve the layout of the system some components will need to be to reordered, and
+changed to fit a more standard interface.
+The task overview interface will also be reworked, the site filter will be removed as it caused too
+much confusion, to aid, sorting controls will be added to the tasklist, allowing tasks to be located
+easier. The user facing terminology will be reworded in such a way that the terms a more general
+and understandable to users without a technology background.
+The last focus of the design is to avoid unintentional user errors. When a user is setting up task dependencies
+cycle checking will be done to ensure that cycles are not created. To further improve the usability of the
+system the \emph{File Picker} will be changed to a more intuitive component.
+During this phase several features were improved upon from the previous iteration.
+These changes were all made on client side of the application and the focus was
+to increase the usability and make the system more understandable.
+The most noticible change of the system is that the style sheet was changed. The theme that
+was chosen is called is \emph{Blue Nile Admin} and was designed by \emph{Portnine}
+\footnote{Portnine:}. This is a two panel design
+that roughly matches the orginal design. This theme also includes a range of icons which
+overall makes the system more appealling.
+ \begin{center}
+ \includegraphics[scale=0.22]{figures/final-overview.png}
+ \end{center}
+ \caption{Final Implementation: Task Overview}
+ \label{final:overview}
+The task overview screen was altered to make tasks more clear. Figure~\ref{final:overview}
+shows the implementation of this. Instead of using a two table design this is expanded to
+using separate tables tasks that have different statuses. Since \emph{outstanding tasks}
+are the main points of action for users these tasks are placed in a large table on top.
+Task that are \emph{awaiting validation} are placed in a smaller table below, priveledged
+users will also have tasks from other users appear here in order to easily see which tasks
+needs validartion. Tables for \emph{tasks with unmet dependencies}; and
+\emph{completed tasks}, are also included. The team overview task has been filtered
+to only include tasks that are currently in progress. All tables are are sortable
+using \emph{JQuery: TableSorter}\footnote{tablesorter:}. Tasks can
+also be filtered by site.
+The file interface was changed to be more appealing and usable. \emph{JQuery Widgets}
+\footnote{JQWidgets} was used for this purpose, specifically
+the \emph{JqxTree} widget. This allows users to easily select and view files in a hierarchical
+mannor. Figure~\ref{final:tree_view} shows how files can be selected and views.
+ \begin{center}
+ \includegraphics[scale=0.22]{figures/final-interface.png}
+ \end{center}
+ \caption{Final Implementation: File interface}
+ \label{final:overview}
-\section{Iteration 3\label{iteration3}}

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