Translation tool interface for WWW module 2012
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Translator App

Hey guys I had a quick draft on the skeleton. Right now it's a simple Django app. With with one view set up. This is also set up on Tim's box so it shouldnt be a hassle.

Do development in a virtual environment

This is quite important. On your development machine set do make sure you have pip and virtualenv installed. On campus ask me to help you with the anoying proxy. On a new box enter the following.

sudo apt-get install python-pip sudo pip install virtualenv cd {workingfolder} vitrualenv virtual source virtual/bin/activate pip install django

Once you have done the following steps enter the virtual environment simply by going:

source virtual/bin/activate

Running Server

Please do not run the server on port 8080 it messes, with the proxy. To run the server is very easy, do the following.

python runserver