Source code for the thesis "Panoramic Rendering for Concave Surfaces of Revolution".
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Panoramic Rendering for Concave Surfaces of Revolution

Dominik Deák

1 Introduction

This project is the source code for my thesis, Panoramic Rendering for Concave Surfaces of Revolution, submitted in 2001. The thesis investigated methods for generating panoramic images, based on a 2D profile curve, or a mathematical expression.

A surface of revolution can be constructed by revolving a 2D curve around a line, the principal axis. The geometric shape of the symmetrical surface is governed by the 2D function, the profile curve. Since most curved displays can be considered to be symmetrical about its principal axis, 2D profile curves provide a convenient way for modelling a display shape.

The software implementation includes a ray-tracer and a real-time rendering system.

2 Source Code

The code is not exactly a shining example of good C++ programming practices, but it did the job. The project is organised into the following structure:

Path Description
object/ 3D models needed to load the test scenes
source/ C++ source code for the project
thesis/ Collection of trial programs and scripts used for the thesis
__scene00.scr Test scene
__test0.scr The cube scene
__test1.scr The rubber duck scene
__test2.scr Hardware scene
__test3.scr The toy scene
__test4.scr Biology scene
__toys.scr Toy scene
cosmic_ray_tau.dsp Visual Studio 6.0 project file
cosmic_ray_tau.dsw Visual Studio 6.0 project file
cosmic_ray_tau.mak Visual Studio 6.0 makefile
glut32.dll GLUT runtime library MIT license This file
thesis.pdf The full thesis

3 Supporting Resources

3.1 Documentation

3.2 Video Clips

4 Legal and Copyright

Released under the MIT License.

Copyright 2018, DEAK Software