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@rfric rfric released this Dec 19, 2018 · 409 commits to master since this release

Minimum Boost version required is 1.65.1

[NEW] DCore and API

  • Daemon Database API - added list_operations, get_asset_count and get_transaction_id
  • Crypto API - added get_public_key, wif_to_private_key, sign_transaction, encrypt_message and decrypt_message
  • Login API - added monitoring to access new API group for providing statistical information from application about calls, variables, instances of classes, errors etc.
  • Monitoring API - new group containing get_counters and reset_counters - maintaining internal node event statistics
  • Wallet API - added derive_private_key, get_public_key, register_account_with_keys, register_multisig_account, update_account_keys, update_account_keys_to_multisig, import_single_key, list_operations and from_command_file


  • Daemon Database API - get_miner returns current vote ranking of specific miner
  • Daemon Database API - generate_content_keys and submit_content_async returns also quorum
  • Wallet API - import_key also derives and imports el_gamal keys for active and memo key when those keys are derived from owner key


  • hide the password input for set_password and unlock commands
  • add --generate-keys command line option to generate brain, wif private and public keys
  • add --from-command-file command line option to run a sequence of calls loaded from a text file


  • support for User Issued Assets in account balance and transfer funds
  • add command line options to match those in decentd and cli_wallet

[FIXED] DCore and API

  • Start of more DECENT processes caused DB corruption
  • Daemon Database API - get_required_fees ignored asset ID parameter
  • Daemon Database API - get_time_to_maint_by_block_time - returned every time 24h to next maintenance
  • Daemon Database API - verify_account_authority always returned an exception
  • Daemon History API - get_account_history and get_relative_account_history fixed behaviour
  • Daemon miner plugin - required-participation option had wrong type (bool)
  • Wallet API - search_account_history did not decrypt memo message for sender account

[FIXED] CLI wallet

  • web wallet JSON file failed to load
  • wrong chain ID was shown when started for first time
  • get_help command returned with wrong format

[FIXED] GUI wallet

  • password was echoed to console
  • failed to enter decimal point for non English locale in transfer funds
  • app occasionally crashed when resync/replay blockchain

and a few more small fixes here and there...

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