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@rfric rfric released this Feb 12, 2019 · 254 commits to master since this release

This is a maintenance release for DCore 1.3.x series, targeting enhancement and simplification of build process on every supported platform and some improvements and fixes in daemon and wallet API:

  • added binary distribution files for Ubuntu, Debian or Fedora systems
  • added support for building DCore docker images - see Docker Hub
  • simplified build process on Windows platform using the vcpkg package manager
  • enriched result from Wallet API list_account_balances and from-command-file functions

Note for Linux binaries: DCore distribution files (deb and rpm) require libpbc package to be installed. It can be downloaded from assets in PBC project.


  • Daemon - validates configuration settings on startup and stops if there is any problem
  • Daemon - added option to specify API set by name in RPC request (e.g. {"id":1,"method":"call","params":["database_api","get_block",[123456]]})
  • Wallet API - list_account_balances returns also human readable amount (e.g. { "amount": "8333378377", "asset_id": "1.3.0", "pretty_amount": "83.33378377 DCT" })
  • Wallet API - from-command-file returns aggregated formatted result

[FIXED] DCore and API

  • Daemon - seeding plugin was downloading expired packages
  • Daemon - fixed possibility to broadcast transaction for non existing receiver
  • Daemon - fully evaluate every operation before it is applied to transaction
  • Daemon and Wallet Messaging API - get_message_object returned empty array if no account was specified
  • Wallet API - send_messasge and send_unencrypted_message allowed to send the message multiple times to the same recipient

[FIXED] GUI wallet

  • error messages were not logged to file
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