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This is the DE-CIX enhanced version bgperf, a performance measurement tool for BGP implementations. The aim is to give back as many enhancements as possible to the original bgperf by NTT OSRG.

The enhancements include:

  • a more modular way of processing arguments from the commandline
  • better metrics collection (variable interval, more data)
  • new drop-in replacement for GoBGP 'monitor' implementation using BIRD.
  • the action sequencer to wait until convergent and introduce dynamic changes (see UML diagram in /docs)
  • selective CPU allocation for all containers (with cpusets)
  • support for remote testers in another network (e.g. when you have own tester implementation in your lab)
  • support of custom config file for BIRD target (e.g. config produced by IXP toolchain)
  • add header to csv output and more metrics when using BIRD based monitor + some tweaks.
  • system-specific configuration in
  • new commandline options for most features
  • full scenario.yaml support for most features

DE-CIX specific changes that can be removed safely:

  • lower mtu on all virtual ethernet adapters (for l2vpn compatibility)

Still ToDo:

  • support even more actions in action sequencer
  • provide more documentation and usage examples
  • port this to recent (2017-06-14) bgperf master branch



  • Python 2.7 or later
  • Docker

How to install

$ git clone
$ cd bgperf
$ pip install -r pip-requirements.txt
$ ./ --help
usage: [-h] [-b BENCH_NAME] [-d DIR]
                 {doctor,prepare,update,bench,config} ...

BGP performance measuring tool

positional arguments:
    doctor              check env
    prepare             prepare env
    update              pull bgp docker images
    bench               run benchmarks
    config              generate config

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b BENCH_NAME, --bench-name BENCH_NAME
  -d DIR, --dir DIR
$ ./ prepare
$ ./ doctor
docker version ... ok (1.9.1)
bgperf image ... ok
gobgp image ... ok
bird image ... ok
quagga image ... ok

external tools required

For metrics collection, or to perform certain actions this version of bgperf depends on external tools to be present. These are:

please install the tools on the system bgperf is executed. You need to configure paths

How to use

Use bench command to start benchmark test. By default, bgperf benchmarks GoBGP. bgperf boots 100 BGP test peers each advertises 100 routes to GoBGP.

$ sudo ./ bench
run tester
tester booting.. (100/100)
run gobgp
elapsed: 16sec, cpu: 0.20%, mem: 580.90MB
elapsed time: 11sec

To change a target implementation, use -t option. Currently, bgperf supports BIRD and Quagga other than GoBGP.

$ sudo ./ bench -t bird
run tester
tester booting.. (100/100)
run bird
elapsed: 16sec, cpu: 0.00%, mem: 147.55MB
elapsed time: 11sec
$ sudo ./ bench -t quagga
run tester
tester booting.. (100/100)
run quagga
elapsed: 33sec, cpu: 0.02%, mem: 477.93MB
elapsed time: 28sec

To change a load, use following options.

  • -n : the number of BGP test peer (default 100)
  • -p : the number of prefix each peer advertise (default 100)
  • -a : the number of as-path filter (default 0)
  • -e : the number of prefix-list filter (default 0)
  • -c : the number of community-list filter (default 0)
  • -x : the number of ext-community-list filter (default 0)
$ sudo ./ bench -n 200 -p 50
run tester
tester booting.. (200/200)
run gobgp
elapsed: 23sec, cpu: 0.02%, mem: 1.26GB
elapsed time: 18sec
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