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National coverage

Public Transport


Public Transport live departure and arrivals, fares, timetables, journey planning, tweet mapping and performance indicators for all of the UK

API location:
Education and research access point through Future Cities Catapult:


Bus, coach, tram and Light rail timetables, live departures, transport operator codes, school term dates. All England, most of UK.

API location:

Disruption, access and use of the network

Elgin Roadworks

Roadworks and streetworks, diversions, closures, winter gritting routes, live congestion, incidents and accidents, information from traffic cameras and signs across England, where local authorities are clients. map interface: API location details:

Road Safety

RoadSafetyAnalysis (RSA) Open Data

RSA OpenData is the brand new and free version of Mast Online which is being made available to the public. It allows easy access to road safety collision data anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales through a web browser

Resource location:


CrashMap uses data collected by the police about road traffic crashes occurring on British roads where someone is injured which is then compiled in to an easy to use format showing each incident on a map. This data is approved by the National Statistics Authority and reported on by the Department for Transport each year. Northern Ireland data is not provided proactively and has been obtained through an FoI request. Incidents are plotted to within 10 metres of their location and as such, can sometimes appear to be off the carriageway when zoomed in very closely.

Resource location:

Services with consistent tools and interface, but as yet no unified source providing national coverage:

Counting, measuring and monitoring traffic speed, density and flow (vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, assisted users)


Real time local traffic data, including congestion, parking, and road sign messages

API and resource location:

Beginners guide:

Birmingham data guide:


Data publishing and sharing platforms


Data publishing and sharing platform that makes data explorable and reusable via APIs


West Midlands Data Discovery Centre:

Regional services

Public Transport

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) API

All public transport related data including stops, times, fares, ticketing, swift card etc

API location:

Local R+D platforms supported by TfWM and Birmingham City Council

Public Transport

Birmingham Bus Journey Times

Bus time reliability

Resource location:

Counting, measuring and monitoring traffic speed, density and flow (vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, assisted users)

Birmingham in Real Time

Traffic congestion data gathered together from Birmingham City Council's SCOOT loop detectors embedded in the road

API location:

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