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Becoming a Block Producer

  1. Сreate an account using wallet see this tutorial and remember the private active key
  2. Import your account key to wallet
  3. To become a block producer execute update_witness command with following parameters: account name, url of page describing your intentions and ideas about supporting the network, your block signing key (public key), your proposed chain properties (account creation fee & maximum block size), boolean showing whether or not you want to broadcast this transaction. Chain properties object can be empty (default account creation fee & maximum block size values will be used), or user defined in form {"account_creation_fee":"1.000 TESTS","maximum_block_size":65536}
update_witness "yourAccountName" "yourAccountUrl" DEIP6ioSfo5gbaP3YJ3G7ivXATXSLbFLURsB4Y1MmgBFjfepW9qm6u {} true
  1. Once your transaction submitted and included in block, you can verify your account is in block producers list now. To gel a list of all block producers run list_witnesses command with parameters: lower bound block producer name (leave empty if you want to list all block producers), limit of how many entries to show
list_witnesses "" 1000

As result you should see your account name in the list. 5. To become an active block producer you should be selected into active block producers list. To do it, you must vote for yourself. You can use any of shared accounts.

vote_for_witness "alice" "yourAccountName" true true

Now you can verify your account received votes by running get_witness command

get_witness "yourAccountName"

When your account gets enough votes, you can start a block producer node by providing DEIPD_WITNESS_NAME and DEIPD_PRIVATE_KEY parameters in node-config.env and it will start block production.