A simple and fast multiuser content management system to organize collaborative web-content. This CMS allows very fine user&group permissions, generating pages like articles, forms, quizzes, forums, etc, search powered by sphider.
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Pragyan CMS is a multi-user, modular Content Management System (CMS) to organize & facilitate collaborative content creation & updation on a website and its administration. It is written completely in PHP and supports MySQL databases. It has a strong custom inbuilt framework with independent components like templates, modules and widgets. It comes pre-packaged with a large number of modules like article, form, quiz, forum, gallery, book, news, poll, etc, widgets like image slider, facebook plugins, page hits counter, news flash etc and third-party plugins like PDF converter, google maps, sphider search engine, etc. It also provides tools to organize and manage permissions for users and groups. There are a lot more features which you’ll come to know as you read further !


  • Copy the files to /path/to/web/root/pragyan
  • Open it in your browser http://domain.tld/pragyan
  • PragyanCMS's automated installation will guide you through the INSTALL process.


  • Install, Modify and Send pull requests to git://github.com/delta/pragyan.git


  • Abhilash R
  • Sahil Ahuja
  • Anshu Prateek
  • Ankit Shrivastava
  • Abhishek Shrivastava (abhishekdelta)
  • Chakradar Raju (chakradarraju)
  • Balanivash (balanivash)
  • Boopathi Rajaa (boopathi)
  • Shiva Nandhan (seekshiva)
  • Dinesh Prasanth (dineshnitt)
  • Siddhanth Sanyam
  • Shriram Venkataramana (vshriram93)
  • Sriram Sundarraj (ssundarraj)
  • Amal (amal1293)
  • Sarwesh Krishnan (baxiz)
  • Gokul Srinivas (gokulsrinivas)
  • Shravan Murali (shravan97)
  • (this could be you...)