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Projects of bots beta and gamma
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Project 1: AcidBot beta

Simple bluetooth / serial controlled car with a DVD as chassi and an Arduino UNO.


  1. Make turns more reliable (and merge on gamma) (!= motor drivers)

NANO Pinout: Arduino Nano Pinout diagram

Project 2: Acidbot gamma (phases Bluetooth, Line and Obstacle)

Bluetooth / serial controlled car.

  • Complete bluetooth integration.
  • Motor control (forward, backward, left, right)
  • Lights ON/OFF (front)
  • Autonomous mode (Obstacle avoidance with 3 front IR sensors)
  • Face with a 8x8 led matrix controled by a MAX7219 IC.


  1. Obstacle detection w/ 3 IR sensors
  2. Line tracking w/ 3 line sensors
  3. Create car modes:
  • Remote mode
  • Autonomous mode (w/ obstacle detection)
  • Autonomous mode (w/ obstacle detection and line tracking)
  1. Make a bluetooth command to switch between car modes
  2. Make him smile 😄

UNO R3 Pinout: Arduino Nano Pinout diagram

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