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#3A - GPS assisted tracking device with GSM connectivity and a lot of other toys. Hardware, Software and Documentation.
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GPS assisted tracking device with GSM (SMS & GPRS) and Bluetooth connectivity.

List of devices

  • CPU: Atmel ATxmega256A3BU (256kB Flash / 16kB RAM / 4kB EEPROM)
  • GSM / GPS / BT: SIM808 (SMS / GPRS / ...)
  • VHF/UHF: AX5243 (VHF TX/RX)
  • Accel/Gyro/Mag: MPU-9250 (3Axis-Acceleration, 3Axis-Gyro, 3Axis-Magneto)
  • Baro/Temp: MS560702BA03-50 (0.2 meter height resolution, better than 0.01°C resolution)
  • Hygro: SHT31-DIS (hygrometer within the air stream of the board)
  • VCTCXO: CFPT-141_20MHz (being synchronized to the GPS 1PPS signal by pulling the VC)
  • GSM antenna: within the PCB (works for each band)
  • BT antenna: within the PCB (not used yet)
  • GPS antenna: external active antenna via MCX connector
  • VHF/UHF antenna: external passive antenna via SMA connector
  • LiPo: 1-cell 3.7V (high power request by the SIM808 device to be satisfied)

Current PCB overview:

current PCB overview

Working Tracker application with GPRS, APRS and POCSAG transmission:

FindMeSAT working together with Smart-LCD