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  • tag: RB_v0.95.01
  • released: 2016-05-21
  • replaces: RB_v0.94.08.01

Current works done:

- adapted for release-v0.95

New enhancements:

  • Linux ALSA AC97 streaming in both directions with a stereo channel @ 48 kHz added.
  • Frequency entering controller added.
  • automatic FPGA ADC offset corrections.

Both, receiver and transmitter having these modulation decoders:

  • SSB: USB (upper side band), LSB (lower side band)
  • AM envelope demodulation, AM-sync USB and AM-sync LSB demodulation
  • FM demodulation
  • PM demodulation
  • the transmitter and receiver units are working at the same time. That enables multiple features of re-transmissions and study of frequency shifting ("mickey mouse sound effect").
  • by using the Linux ALSA AC97 sound driver there is no more limitation to add digital modes and/or external SDR-software.

Follow this discussion thread for more information: