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To use DFBnc you will need git and a recent (1.8 or later) jvm.

Getting the source

Getting the source and compiling it should be a matter of doing something like this:

mkdir -p ~/dfbnc/source
cd ~/dfbnc/source
git clone git:// .
git submodules update --init
ant clean jar
cp dist/dfbnc.jar ../

Running DFBnc

After this you will have dfbnc in ~/dfbnc and it can be run like so:

java -jar dfbnc.jar

You can then close this with ctrl+c, this will create the default config file as ~/dfbnc/DFBnc/DFBnc.conf which can be edited to change the listen ports etc.

Once you are happy with this, you can run it with: java -jar dfbnc.jar --background to fork it into the background (where supported, otherwise use screen)

First User

The first username/password combination you connect to the bouncer with will be created automatically and given admin access, you can then control the bouncer using /raw dfbnc or /dfbnc depending on your IRC Client.

Initial Setup

An example of commands to run to get started:

/raw dfbnc servertype set irc
/raw dfbnc serverlist add
/raw dfbnc serverset reconnect true
/raw dfbnc serverset autoconnect true
/raw dfbnc aperform add AWAY
/raw dfbnc dperform add AWAY Offline
/raw dfbnc ircset bindip
/raw dfbnc ircset altnickname SomeUser`
/raw dfbnc ircset username someuser
/raw dfbnc ircset nickname SomeUser
/raw dfbnc ircset realname Some DFBnc User
/raw dfbnc cperform add JOIN :#channel1,#channel2

You can then connect to the server with: /raw dfbnc connect

You should also make sure to do /raw dfbnc saveconfig to make sure the config is saved to disk in case the BNC does not exit cleanly (there is no auto-saving of config data)

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