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How tired it is of updating! So don't modify your own source code easily!

5 Minute Forum

5 Minute Forum is a simple forum written with PHP.

This document is still improving. When I learned more about English, I'll update this document again.

Help! I don't understand English!

This resource code based a Chinese document : project/introduction.html. If you really don't understand English (Or I wrote too many wrongs) , please read this document.

Why will I program this forum

Here are the reasons of why I program this fourm:

  • To show you how excellent I am. (用中文说就是装X)
  • To help you with the structure of a forum software.
  • To help you build a forum.
  • To record as a video and publish to Bilibili.
  • To pratiece myself.
  • To...

Migrate from old version

Originally I don't want to open this category because no one who I found is using my forum. But after a deep thinking, I decieded to write here.

Please write a script yourself to realize this feature, or get help from me with migration.


  • Use SQLite for database. (Used JSON in initial version)
  • Post and comment.
  • Like and reply to a comment.
  • VIP users.
  • Native PHP.


  1. Download/Clone this repository.
  2. Move files to the path of you want to install.
  3. Access http://name.domain/path/setup.php. (setup.php)
  4. Fill basic information and click "Setup" button.

Don't use in production

I've told you this forum is to show how excellent I am. There are lots of found bugs at this forum:

  • Doesn't support lots users access at same time.
  • No administration console, so you must modify database to manage the forum.
  • Doesn't support tags and categories, you can't category posts.
  • Doesn't support multi-pages, if too many posts and replies existed, browser maybe crash. (No matter how your computer's performance amazing)
  • No XSS protection, users will attack the forum by evil code.(e.g. steal user cookies with AJAX.)

You can improve this forum if you can.

Contact Me

To contact me, add my QQ 2477819731 as your contact, or post at my forum.