@expwnent expwnent released this Jan 24, 2015 · 2984 commits to master since this release

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Not all globals have been located yet, so this is an r0. Most plugins should work fine. The ones that do not should automatically unload themselves.

DFHack 0.40.24-r0

  • Internals
    • EventManager: fixed crash error with EQUIPMENT_CHANGE event.
    • key modifier state exposed to Lua
  • Fixes
    • dfhack script can now be run from other directories on OSX
  • New Plugins
    • blueprint: export part of your fortress to quickfort .csv files
  • New Scripts
    • hotkey-notes: print key, name, and jump position of hotkeys
  • Removed
    • embark.lua
    • needs_porting/*
  • New Tweaks
  • Misc Improvements
    • added support for searching more lists

Not in NEWS: Modifier state is now exposed to C++ as well.