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  • Commands to run on startup can be specified on the command line with +


    ./dfhack +devel/print-args example
    "Dwarf Fortress.exe" +devel/print-args example
  • Prevented plugins with active viewscreens from being unloaded and causing a crash

New Plugins

  • autogems: Creates a new Workshop Order setting, automatically cutting rough gems

New Scripts

  • devel/save-version: Displays DF version information about the current save

New Features

  • buildingplan: Support for floodgates, grates, and bars
  • confirm: Added a confirmation for retiring locations
  • exportlegends: Exports more information (poetic/musical/dance forms, written/artifact content, landmasses, extra histfig information, and more)
  • search: Support for new screens:
    • location occupation assignment
    • civilization animal training knowledge
    • animal trainer assignment
  • tweak:
    • tweak block-labors: Prevents labors that can't be used from being toggled
    • tweak hide-priority: Adds an option to hide designation priority indicators
    • tweak title-start-rename: Adds a safe rename option to the title screen "Start Playing" menu


  • More plugins should recognize non-dwarf citizens
  • Fixed a possible crash from cloning jobs
  • confirm note-delete: No longer interferes with name entry
  • exportlegends: Handles entities without specific races, and a few other fixes for things new to v0.42
  • gaydar: Fixed text display on OS X/Linux and failure with soul-less creatures
  • manipulator:
    • allowed editing of non-dwarf citizens
    • stopped ghosts and visitors from being editable
    • fixed applying last custom profession
  • modtools/create-unit: Stopped making units without civs historical figures
  • modtools/force:
    • Removed siege option
    • Prevented a crash resulting from a bad civilization option
  • showmood: Fixed name display on OS X/Linux

Misc Improvements

  • autolabor, autohauler, manipulator: Added support for new jobs/labors/skills
  • devel/export-dt-ini: Updated for 0.42.06
  • lua: Now supports some built-in variables like gui/gm-editor, e.g. unit, screen
  • stockflow: Now offers better control over individual craft jobs
  • weather: now implemented by a script