@lethosor lethosor released this Jul 7, 2016 · 1375 commits to master since this release

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This is a release for 0.43.03 (not 0.43.04, 0.43.05, or anything newer - support for those is in progress, but likely to take longer than usual, so we decided to make a release for 0.43.03 in the meantime). Please do let us know about any issues - we can always make another 0.43.03 release, even if support for newer versions isn't done.

Changes since 0.42.06:


  • Label widgets can now easily register handlers for mouse clicks

New Features

  • add-thought: allow syndrome name as -thought argument
  • gui/gm-editor
    • Added ability to insert default types into containers. For primitive types leave the type entry empty, and for references use *.
    • Added shift-esc binding to fully exit from editor
    • Added gui/gm-editor toggle command to toggle editor visibility (saving position)
  • modtools/create-unit:
    • Added an option to attach units to an existing wild animal population
    • Added an option to attach units to a map feature


  • autofarm: Can now handle crops that grow for more than a season
  • combine-plants: Fixed recursion into sub-containers
  • createitem: Now moves multiple created items to cursor correctly
  • exportlegends: Improved handling of unknown enum items (fixes many errors)
  • gui/create-item: Fixed quality when creating multiple items
  • gui/mod-manager: Fixed error when mods folder doesn't exist
  • modtools/item-trigger: Fixed handling of items with subtypes
  • stockflow:
    • Can order metal mechanisms
    • Fixed material category of thread-spinning jobs

Misc Improvements

  • The built-in ls command now wraps the descriptions of commands
  • catsplosion: now a lua script instead of a plugin
  • fix/diplomats: replaces fixdiplomats
  • fix/merchants: replaces fixmerchants
  • Unified script documentation and in-terminal help options


  • tweak manager-quantity: no longer needed