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@lethosor lethosor released this Jun 22, 2018 · 252 commits to master since this release

DFHack 0.44.10-r2

New Plugins

  • cxxrandom: exposes some features of the C++11 random number library to Lua

New Scripts

  • add-recipe: adds unknown crafting recipes to the player's civ
  • gui/stamper: allows manipulation of designations by transforms such as translations, reflections, rotations, and inversion


  • Fixed many tools incorrectly using the dead unit flag (they should generally check flags2.killed instead)

  • Fixed many tools passing incorrect arguments to printf-style functions, including a few possible crashes (changelayer, follow, forceequip, generated-creature-renamer)

  • Fixed several bugs in Lua scripts found by static analysis (df-luacheck)

  • Fixed -g flag (GDB) in Linux dfhack script (particularly on x64)

  • autochop, autodump, autogems, automelt, autotrade, buildingplan, dwarfmonitor, fix-unit-occupancy, fortplan, stockflow: fix issues with periodic tasks not working for some time after save/load cycles

  • autogems:

    • stop running repeatedly when paused
    • fixed crash when furnaces are linked to same stockpiles as jeweler's workshops
  • autogems, fix-unit-occupancy: stopped running when a fort isn't loaded (e.g. while embarking)

  • autounsuspend: now skips planned buildings

  • ban-cooking: fixed errors introduced by kitchen structure changes in 0.44.10-r1

  • buildingplan, fortplan: stopped running before a world has fully loaded

  • deramp: fixed deramp to find designations that already have jobs posted

  • dig: fixed "Inappropriate dig square" announcements if digging job has been posted

  • fixnaked: fixed errors due to emotion changes in 0.44

  • remove-stress: fixed an error when running on soul-less units (e.g. with -all)

  • revflood: stopped revealing tiles adjacent to tiles above open space inappropriately

  • stockpiles: loadstock now sets usable and unusable weapon and armor settings

  • stocks: stopped listing carried items under stockpiles where they were picked up from

Misc Improvements

  • Added script name to messages produced by qerror() in Lua scripts

  • Fixed an issue in around 30 scripts that could prevent edits to the files (adding valid arguments) from taking effect

  • Linux: Added several new options to dfhack script: --remotegdb, --gdbserver, --strace

  • bodyswap: improved error handling

  • buildingplan: added max quality setting

  • caravan: documented (new in 0.44.10-alpha1)

  • deathcause: added "slaughtered" to descriptions

  • embark-assistant:

    • changed region interaction matching to search for evil rain, syndrome rain, and reanimation rather than interaction presence (misleadingly called evil weather), reanimation, and thralling
    • gave syndrome rain and reanimation wider ranges of criterion values
  • fix/dead-units: added a delay of around 1 month before removing units

  • fix/retrieve-units: now re-adds units to active list to counteract fix/dead-units

  • item-descriptions: fixed several grammatical errors

  • modtools/create-unit:

    • added quantity argument
    • now selects a caste at random if none is specified
  • mousequery:

    • migrated several features from TWBT's fork
    • added ability to drag with left/right buttons
    • added depth display for TWBT (when multilevel is enabled)
    • made shift+click jump to lower levels visible with TWBT
  • title-version: added version to options screen too


  • New functions (also exposed to Lua):

    • Units::isKilled()
    • Units::isActive()
    • Units::isGhost()
  • Removed Vermin module (unused and obsolete)


  • Added build option to generate symbols for large generated files containing df-structures metadata
  • Added fallback for YouCompleteMe database lookup failures (e.g. for newly-created files)
  • Improved efficiency and error handling in stl_vsprintf and related functions
  • jsoncpp: fixed constructor with long on Linux


  • incident_sub6_performance: identified some fields
  • item_body_component: fixed location of corpse_flags
  • job_handler: fixed static array layout
  • job_type: added is_designation attribute
  • unit_flags1: renamed dead to inactive to better reflect its use
  • unit_personality: fixed location of current_focus and undistracted_focus
  • unit_thought_type: added SawDeadBody (new in 0.44.10)


  • Added profiler module to measure lua performance
  • Enabled shift+cursor movement in WorkshopOverlay-derived screens
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