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This release fixes a few longstanding bugs from 0.44.12-r1.

DFHack 0.44.12-r2

New Plugins

  • debug: manages runtime debug print category filtering
  • nestboxes: automatically scan for and forbid fertile eggs incubating in a nestbox

New Scripts

  • devel/query: searches for field names in DF objects
  • extinguish: puts out fires
  • tame: sets tamed/trained status of animals


  • building-hacks: fixed error when dealing with custom animation tables

  • devel/test-perlin: fixed Lua error (math.pow())

  • embark-assistant: fixed crash when entering finder with a 16x16 embark selected, and added 16 to dimension choices

  • embark-skills: fixed missing skill_points_remaining field

  • full-heal:

    • stopped wagon resurrection
    • fixed a minor issue with post-resurrection hostility
  • gui/companion-order:

    • fixed issues with printing coordinates
    • fixed issues with move command
    • fixed cheat commands (and removed "Power up", which was broken)
  • gui/gm-editor: fixed reinterpret cast (r)

  • gui/pathable: fixed error when sidebar is hidden with Tab

  • labormanager:

    • stopped assigning labors to ineligible dwarves, pets, etc.
    • stopped assigning invalid labors
    • added support for crafting jobs that use pearl
    • fixed issues causing cleaning jobs to not be assigned
    • added support for disabling management of specific labors
  • prospector: (also affected embark-tools) - fixed a crash when prospecting an unusable site (ocean, mountains, etc.) with a large default embark size in d_init.txt (e.g. 16x16)

  • siege-engine: fixed a few Lua errors (math.pow(), unit.relationship_ids)

  • tweak: fixed hotkey-clear

Misc Improvements

  • armoks-blessing: improved documentation to list all available arguments

  • devel/export-dt-ini:

    • added viewscreen offsets for DT 40.1.2
    • added item base flags offset
    • added needs offsets
  • embark-assistant:

    • added match indicator display on the right ("World") map
    • changed 'c'ancel to abort find if it's under way and clear results if not, allowing use of partial surveys.
    • added Coal as a search criterion, as well as a coal indication as current embark selection info.
  • full-heal:

    • added -all, -all_civ and -all_citizens arguments
    • added module support
    • now removes historical figure death dates and ghost data
  • growcrops: added all argument to grow all crops

  • gui/load-screen: improved documentation

  • labormanager: now takes nature value into account when assigning jobs

  • open-legends: added warning about risk of save corruption and improved related documentation

  • points: added support when in viewscreen_setupdwarfgamest and improved error messages

  • siren: removed break handling (relevant misc_trait_type was no longer used - see "Structures" section)


  • New debug features related to debug plugin:

    • Classes (C++ only): Signal<Signature, type_tag>, DebugCategory, DebugManager


  • Added a usable unit test framework for basic tests, and a few basic tests
  • Added CMakeSettings.json with intellisense support
  • Changed plugins/CMakeLists.custom.txt to be ignored by git and created (if needed) at build time instead
  • Core: various thread safety and memory management improvements
  • Fixed CMake build dependencies for generated header files
  • Fixed custom CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS not being passed to plugins
  • Linux/macOS: changed recommended build backend from Make to Ninja (Make builds will be significantly slower now)


  • utils: new OrderedTable class


  • Win32: added missing vtables for viewscreen_storesst and squad_order_rescue_hfst

  • activity_event_performancest: renamed poem as written_content_id

  • body_part_status: identified gelded

  • dance_form: named musical_form_id and musical_written_content_id

  • incident_sub6_performance.participants: named performance_event and role_index

  • incident_sub6_performance:

    • named poetic_form_id, musical_form_id, and dance_form_id
    • made performance_event an enum
  • misc_trait_type: removed LikesOutdoors, Hardened, TimeSinceBreak, OnBreak (all unused by DF)

  • musical_form_instruments: named minimum_required and maximum_permitted

  • musical_form: named voices field

  • plant_tree_info: identified extent_east, etc.

  • plant_tree_tile: gave connection bits more meaningful names (e.g. connection_east instead of thick_branches_1)

  • poetic_form: identified many fields and related enum/bitfield types

  • setup_character_info: identified skill_points_remaining (for embark-skills)

  • ui.main: identified fortress_site

  • ui.squads: identified kill_rect_targets_scroll

  • ui: fixed alignment of main and squads (fixes tweak hotkey-clear and DF-AI)

  • unit_action.attack:

    • added lightly_tap and spar_report flags
    • identified attack_skill
  • unit_flags3: identified marked_for_gelding

  • unit_personality: identified stress_drain, stress_boost, likes_outdoors, combat_hardened

  • unit_storage_status: newly identified type, stores noble holdings information (used in viewscreen_layer_noblelistst)

  • unit_thought_type: added new expulsion thoughts from 0.44.12

  • viewscreen_layer_arena_creaturest: identified item- and name-related fields

  • viewscreen_layer_militaryst: identified equip.assigned.assigned_items

  • viewscreen_layer_noblelistst: identified storage_status (see unit_storage_status type)

  • viewscreen_new_regionst:

    • changed many int8_t fields to bool
    • identified rejection_msg, raw_folder, load_world_params
  • viewscreen_setupadventurest: identified some nemesis and personality fields, and page.ChooseHistfig

  • world_data: added mountain_peak_flags type, including is_volcano

  • world_history: identified names and/or types of some fields

  • world_site: identified names and/or types of some fields

  • written_content: named poetic_form

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