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Welcome to the DevTracker (aid-platform-beta) repository.


  • Overview - Architectural overview of the aid-platform-beta (Development Tracker) solution.
  • Setting up an Environment - instructions for setting up a production like environment on Ubuntu.
  • [Advanced Apache setup] (wiki/Advanced-setup-for-Apache) - how to set up search and build on Apache



  • Data Problems - what happens when you don't see the data you expect?
  • Installing Neo4J webadmin on your Dev box - instructions to set up Neo4J webadmin to interrogate data.
  • Useful Queries - Code Snippets that you can run when diagnosing issue with the system or during development of new features
  • Learning Resources
  • [Loading partner files] (wiki/A-quick-checklist-to-successfully-load-partner-files) - what are the mandatory elements and attribute to load a partner file information in development tracker?
  • [Sector data calculation] (wiki/Sectors)

Admin Tool

Pull requests

We welcome pull requests - please make sure that you have fully documented the change you are proposing and the tests that you have run to ensure the change is robust.

Issues and feedback

Please raise issues on the Issues page here. DFID staff will be able to answer questions but please do bear in mind that we may not have sufficient time to respond quickly.

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