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Windows 10 IoT Beginner Kit

Basic Tutorial

Modules Demo

Beginning Kit

Click here to get Beginner Kit.

Advanced Kit

Click here to get Advanced Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 (Windows 10 IoT Compatible).

Click here to get Advanced Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 without Pi (Windows 10 IoT Compatible).


Get Started for building IoT on Microsoft Azure

As good first task we'll walk you through building a simple temperature sensing network. It can be built quickly and easily with minimal knowledge of programming or Microsoft Azure, using commodity devices available locally or online - for example an Arduino UNO board with a weather shield, connected to a Raspberry Pi sending data to an Azure website.

Click here to Download the code

Water plant IoT system on Microsoft Azure

The water plant system is build by window 10 IoT. This tutoial will tell you how to build this system and use the electromic modules on this technology.We will use this technology to build a simply application: Automatic plant watering system. It plant a potting when you leave it. To watch the data of this system, you can sign in the Microsoft Azure and open the web to visit.

Click here to Download the code


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