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This is the project for the foursquare hackathon :D

DONE -> Be able to log in with foursquare
DONE -> Templates
DONE -> Static files
DONE -> Create a session
DONE -> Store users in the db
DONE -> Could do logout
DONE -> Be able to create a scavenger hunt
DONE-> Be able to add venues to a scavenger
-> [Yeduan] Hacer un awesome venue editor para las hunts
-> Have a URL per hunt that you can share, people can join
-> A user that joins, can do normal 4square checkins, we read them 1 time per minute
-> If he check into a venue in the hunt, we have the state of it 
-> We notify him that he got one
-> The user can see a status page of his participation in the hunt!
-> Be able to WIN[ and be awesome ]
-> Be able to publish a scanvenger hunt[Lock changes]

===== MVP ====

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