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A RAD Studio IDE wizard / expert / plugin that allows you to browser the internal fields, methods, properties and events of the IDE.
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IDE Explorer

Author: David Hoyle

Version: 2.2

Date: 01 Dec 2018

Web Page: (Delphi IDE Explorer)[]


This is a RAD Studio wizard / expert / plug-in which allows you to browse the fields, methods, properties and events of the internal elements of the IDE (forms and components as of now but possibly classes in the future).


IDE Explorer can be accessed from the main IDE Help menu (since Delphi 10.0 Seattle there is a "Help Wizards" sub-menu)

Current Limitations

Current this expert only runs once at start-up so any new windows created after this point will not be adjusted however you can manually run the expert as described above.

Source Code and Binaries

Please note that this project has changed from a BPL to a DLL to make maintenance of multiple version for different IDEs easier (single project for all versions).

You can download a binary of this project if you don't want to compile it yourself from the web page above.


You can install Delphinus package manager and then install IDE Explorer there. (Delphinus-Support)

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