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Blog post for this release.
TL;DR: python ! 🎉

New Features / Critical Changes

  • New Feature

    • DGtal now has a python binding pip install dgtal! For all
      details on the list of classes available in python, you can have a
      look to: Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1528
  • Geometry Package

    • New normal vector estimation using plane-probing approaches.
      (Jocelyn Meyron, Tristan Roussillon,
    • New normal vector estimation using slices of digital surfaces
      and maximal segment computation
      (Jocelyn Meyron, Tristan Roussillon,
    • Add an implementation of the Quick Hull convex hull algorithm. It
      works in arbitrary dimension. It provides several kernels to deal
      with lattice or rational points, and also to compute the Delaunay
      cell complex.
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1539)


  • Project

    • Add azure-pipelines in wrap folder to kickstart python wrappings
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1529)
    • Modernize CMake: Avoid global includes and links, use target_ commands instead
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, David Coeurjolly #1524)
    • Modernize CMake: Prefer use targets rather than directories and libraries
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1543)
    • Add python wrappings using pybind11. Check wrap/ for details.
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1543)
  • Documentation

    • Fix typos in blurred segment equation (Phuc Ngo,
    • Fix some small errors : includes, variable names, code example
      (adrien Krähenbühl, #1525)
    • Fix doxygen errors in DigitalConvexity, SurfaceMesh
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1534)
    • Fix CSS errors in doxygen
      (Jérémy Levallois, #1546)
  • General

    • Only set CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD if not defined already
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1526)
    • Add container() member function to DigitalSets and ImageContainers
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1532)
  • Arithmetic

    • Add default constructor to ClosedIntegerHalfSpace
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1531)
  • IO

    • Fix Color::getRGBA
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1535)
    • Adding Quad exports in Board3DTo2D (David Coeurjolly,
    • Adding spacing in ImageContainerByITKImage and the possibility to export it
      through ITKWriter.
      (Bertrand Kerautret #1563)

Bug fixes

  • Documentation

    • Removing collaboration graphs in doxygen. Fixing doxygen warnings (David Coeurjolly,
    • Fixing the homebrew command for building on macOS (Jérémy Levallois,
  • IO

    • Removing the default grey background and raising an error if CAIRO has not between
      set for the Board3DTo2D export (David Coeurjolly,
  • Geometry

    • Small fixes and updates in BoundedLatticePolytope and BoundedRationalPolytope
      initialization when using half-spaces initialization
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1538)
    • Fix BoundedLatticePolytope::init when using half-spaces initialization
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1531)
    • Fix an issue in DigitalSurfaceRegularization about bad buffer init
      (David Coeurjolly, #1548)
    • Fix issue #1552 about a
      plane-probing unit test taking too long
      (Jocelyn Meyron, #1553)
    • Fix issue
      #1566: do not
      compile example checkLatticeBallQuickHull if WITH_GMP is not set
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1567)
    • Fix AppVeyor issue on PlaneProbingParallelepipedEstimator and PlaneProbingRNeighborhood
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1568)
  • Shapes package

    • Fix the use of uninitialized variable in NGon2D.
      (Daniel Antunes,#1540)
  • Build

    • We now use cmake Fetch_Content to download the stable release of
      Catch2 (used in our unit-tests) when building the project (David
      Coeurjolly #1524)
    • Fixing the required components for CGAL (David Coeurjolly,
    • Speedup of the compilation of the tests that rely on Catch2
      (Roland Denis #1551)
    • Comply with cmake Policy CMP0115 "Source file extensions must be
      explicit". (David Coeurjolly, #1557)
    • Fix AppVeyor issue using new zlib URL.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1571)
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Blog Post of the release 🎉

DGtal 1.1

New Features / Critical Changes

  • Project

    • For this release, we have cleaned up the git history (using bfg),
      removing old deprecated files or commit errors. For a complete description,
      please follow the discussion of Issue #1477.
      If you are doing a clean git clone of the project, or use the release archive,
      everything should be fine. If you have branches on the release 1.1beta, you
      would need to reset your current working copy. For instance, if
      you have cloned the DGtal-team/DGtal repository, just reset your
      master branch using:

      git fetch origin
      git reset --hard origin/master

      If you have cloned a fork of DGtal-team/DGtal (i.e. the origin
      remote correspond to your fork and not the DGtal-team one), Fetch
      the DGtal-team remote (nammed DGtal here):

      git fetch DGtal
      git reset --hard DGtal/master

      For advanced developers
      If there are some branches out there you want to "update" to the new history:
      First go to unmerged branch and copy the SHA of the commits you want to get. Or, if they are consecutive, copy the oldest and newest SHA.

      git checkout master #Updated to new history
      git checkout -b myOpenPR_after_new_history
      git cherry-pick oldestSha^..newestSha

      (David Coeurjolly, #1510)

  • Kernel package

    • Making HyperRectDomain_(sub)Iterator random-access iterators
      (allowing parallel scans of the domain, Roland Denis,
    • Fix bug in BasicDomainSubSampler for negative coordinates of the
      domain lower bound. (Bertrand Kerautret
  • DEC

    • Add discrete calculus model of Ambrosio-Tortorelli functional in
      order to make piecewise-smooth approximations of scalar or vector
      fields onto 2D domains like 2D images or digital surfaces
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1421)
  • Geometry Package

    • New piecewise smooth digital surface regularization class (David Coeurjolly,
    • Provides support for digital full convexity and subconvexity (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
    • Implementation of Shrouds algorithm for smoothing digital surfaces:
      Nielson et al., Shrouds: optimal separating surfaces for enumerated volumes.
      In Proc. VisSym 2003, vol. 3, pp. 75-84
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, #1500)
    • Updates cell geometry and digital convexity to use specialized
      unordered set data structure UnorderedSetByBlock for storing
      digital points (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
  • Shapes package

    • Add a new surface mesh representation for manifold or non-manifold polygonal
      surfaces in R^3 (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,


  • General

    • DGtal can be compiled and used as a project (git) submodule (David
      Coeurjolly #1444)
    • Add .gitattributes file for github to recognize ih files as c++
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan #1457)
    • Add CMake option DGTAL_ENABLE_FLOATING_POINT_EXCEPTIONS to control enabling
      feenableexcept (only applies in Linux when in Debug mode).
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1489)
    • Travis: Fix broken Eigen url. Update Eigen in travis to 3.3.7.
      (Pablo Hernandez, #1508)
  • Geometry

    • New Integral Invariant functor to retrieve the curvature tensor (principal curvature
      directions and values). (David Coeurjolly, #1460)
    • Add principal directions of curvature functions for implicit polynomial 3D shapes.
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1470)
  • io

    • The GenericWriter can now export in 3D ITK format (nii, mha, mhd, tiff).
      (Bertrand Kerautret #1485)
    • New Viridis ColorGradientPreset and clean of useless template specializations in
      the GenericWriter for color image. (Bertrand Kerautret
    • Add the possibility to import images with a shifted domain in ITKReader.
      (Bertrand Kerautret and Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan
  • Kernel package

    • Add .data() function to PointVector to expose internal array data.
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1452)
    • Add a specialized unordered set data structure
      UnorderedSetByBlock for storing digital points, which is more
      compact and as efficient as unordered set
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1499)
  • Helpers

    • Add vector field output as OBJ to module Shortcuts (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
    • Add shortcuts to Ambrosio-Tortorelli piecewise-smooth approximation
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1421)
    • Add output as OFF to module Shortcuts (Bertrand Kerautret,
    • Add shortcuts to principal curvatures and directions of curvature for implicit polynomial
      3D shapes. (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1470)
  • Tests

    • Upgrade of the unit-test framework (Catch) to the latest release Catch2.
      (David Coeurjolly #1418)
      (Roland Denis #1419)
  • Topology

    • Provides partial flip, split and merge operations for half-edge data structures
      and triangulated surfaces (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
    • Makes testVoxelComplex faster, reducing the size of the test fixture
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1451)
    • Fix bug in VoxelComplex masks when cell was at the boundary of kspace
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1488)
    • Fix loadTable not able to read compressed tables in Windows
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1505)
    • Fix fillData in CubicalComplex
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1519)
  • Shapes package

    • Add a moveTo(const RealPoint& point) method to implicit and star shapes
      (Adrien Krähenbühl,
    • Fix Lemniscate definition following Bernoulli's definition
      (Adrien Krähenbühl,
    • Homogenizes typedefs of all parametric shapes and fixes some bounding box
      computations (Adrien Krähenbühl,
    • Add const directives to some curve estimators on shapes.
      (Adrien Krähenbühl #1429)
  • IO

    • When the 3D built-in viewer is enabled (libqglviewer), the default
      required Qt version is now Qt5 instead of Qt4. You can revert to
      Qt4 by unsetting the WITH_QT5 cmake flag (David Coeurjolly,

Bug Fixes

  • Configuration/General

    • Fix compilation error/warnings with gcc 9.1.1 and clang 9.0
      (Boris Mansencal, #1431)
    • Disable some gcc/clang warnings in Qt5 raised by Apple clang compiler (David
      Coeurjolly, #1436)
    • Fixing Travis configuration due to syntax changes in v2
      (Roland Denis, #1465)
    • Compression of png files used in for the documentation
      (preparing 1.1 release), (David Coeurjolly, #1494)
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1495)
  • Mathematics

    • Put SimpleMatrix * scalar operation in DGtal namespace (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
  • Geometry

    • Bugfix in the testVoronoiCovarianceMeasureOnSurface (David
      Coeurjolly, #1439)
    • Defining StandardDSS4Computer & NaiveDSS8Computer as templated aliases of
      ArithmeticalDSSComputer (fix #1483). Also fixing NaiveDSS8 adjacency.
      (Roland Denis, #1491)
    • Fix initialisation in BoundedLatticePolytope when creating non full
      dimensional simplices in 3D (segments, triangles). (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
  • Kernel

    • Point2DEmbedderIn3D edit to recover behavior of version 0.9.4 in
      the origin point placement. (Florian Delconte and Bertrand Kerautret
  • Helpers

    • Fix Metric problem due to implicit RealPoint toward Point conversion when computing
      convolved trivial normals in ShortcutsGeometry (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
    • Fixing double conversion bug in class Parameters, related to
      English/French decimal point inconsistency between atof and
      boost::program_options (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
    • Fix bug in Shortcuts::saveVectorFieldOBJ
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1421)
    • Fixing OBJ export: .mtl file written with relative path (Johanna
      Delanoy #1420)
    • Unify pointel ordering in Shortcuts and MeshHelper so that
      Shortcuts::getPointelRange, Shortcuts::saveOBJ and
      Shortcuts::makePrimalPolygonalSurface, as well as
      MeshHelpers::digitalSurface2PrimalPolygonalSurface, all use the
      CCW ordering by default (in 3D).
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1445)
  • images

    • Fix the image origin that was not taken into account in class
      ImageContainerByITKImage. (Bertrand Kerautret
    • Add domainShift to ImageContainerByITKImage.
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan,
  • IO

    • Removing a using namespace std; in the Viewer3D hearder file. (David
      Coeurjolly #1413)
    • Fixing cast from const to mutable iterator in GradientColorMap.
      (Roland Denis #1486)
  • Topology

    • Add missing constraint to flips in HalfEdgeDataStructure
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1498)
  • Shapes

    • Fix bug in Astroid parameter() method : orientation correction
      (Adrien Krähenbühl,
    • Add missing constraint to flips in TriangulatedSurface
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,#1498)
  • DEC

    • Fix issue (#1441)
      related to bad link in DEC/moduleAT documentation and missing
      associated example exampleSurfaceATnormals.cpp (Jacques-Olivier
    • Adding missing LGPL headers in the DEC examples (David Coeurjolly
  • Documentation

    • Promoting the Shortcuts documentation page on the main page. (David
      Coeurjolly #1417)
    • Fixing the doxyfiles to have the table of contents of module pages (David
      Coeurjolly #1424)
    • New illustration in the volumetric analysis documentation page (David
      Coeurjolly #1432)
    • Using SourceForge to download doxygen sources during Travis CI jobs.
      (Roland Denis #1424)
    • CSS edit to enhance the readability of code snippets (David
      Coeurjolly #1438)
    • Fixing various links in moduleCellularTopology. Fixing #1454.
      Removing dead links to ImaGene project.
      (Roland Denis #1455)
  • Build

    • Fix issue (#1478),
      that is a Visual Studio 2019 build error related to befriend
      template specializations
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud #1481)
    • Removing the homemade CPP11 checks, using cmake macro instead
      (David Coeurjolly, #1446)
    • Removes the check for CPP11 when building WITH_ITK
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1453)
    • Fix apple clang compilation issue with a workaround to the
      ConstIteratorAdapter class that does not satisfy the _is_forward concept of the STL:
      using boost::first_max_element instead std::max_element.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1437)
    • Abort compilation at configure time when the compiler is gcc 10.1 due to compiler bug.
      Fix issue #1501.
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1506)
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After about 10 years of developments, we are very proud to announce the DGtal 1.0 release.

Many thanks to all developers that have contributed to DGtal and its tools.

Please have a look to the release note for details.

DGtal 1.0

DGtal 1.0

New Features / Critical Changes

  • Base package

    • Adding FunctorHolder to transform any callable object (e.g. function,
      functor, lambda function,...) into a valid DGtal functor.
      (Roland Denis, #1332)
    • Adding better checks for floating point arithmetic in the test module (Kacper Pluta,
  • Documentation

    • Module page about functions, functors and lambdas in DGtal.
      (Roland Denis, #1332)
  • Image package

    • Adding ConstImageFunctorHolder to transform any callable object
      (e.g. function, functor, lambda function,...) into a CConstImage model.
      (Roland Denis, #1332)
    • RigidTransformation2D/3D depends on a vector functor that can be,
      for example, VectorRounding (Kacper Pluta,
  • Kernel package

    • Adding PointFunctorHolder to transform any callable object (e.g. function,
      functor, lambda function,...) into a CPointFunctor model.
      (Roland Denis, #1332)
    • ⚠️ The conversion between PointVector of different component types now follows
      the classical conversion rules (e.g. float to double is OK but double
      to int fails if the conversion is not explicitly specified).
      Component type after an arithmetic operation also follows the classical
      arithmetic conversion rules (e.g int * double returns a double).
      Adding some related conversion functors.
      (Roland Denis, #1345)
    • Making binary operators of PointVector (+-*/ but also dot, crossProduct,
      inf, isLower,...) available as external functions. The component type of
      the result follows the classical arithmetic conversion rules.
      (Roland Denis, #1345)
    • Adding square norm method to Point/Vector class. (David Coeurjolly,
  • Helpers

    • Classes Shortcuts and ShortcutsGeometry to simplify coding with
      DGtal. Integrate a lot of volume, digital surfaces, mesh,
      surface, geometry, estimators functions, with many conversion
      and input/output tools. (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
  • Shapes package

    • Add two new star shapes: Astroid and Lemniscate
      (Adrien Krähenbühl, Chouaib Fellah,
  • Geometry package

    • Parametric 3D curve digitization see (UglyNaiveParametricCurveDigitizer3D)
      (Kacper Pluta, #1339)
    • A set of 3D parametric curves: EllipticHelix, Knot_3_1, Knot_3_2, Knot_4_1,
      Knot_4_3, Knot_5_1, Knot_5_2, Knot_6_2, Knot_7_4 (Kacper Pluta,
    • DecoratorParametricCurveTransformation - a decorator to apply isometries to
      parametric curves (Kacper Pluta, #1339)
    • LambdaMST3DBy2D - a variation of 3D Lambda Maximal Segment tangent estimator
      that uses only 2D tangents along maximal axis. This estimator has only a
      research value (Kacper Pluta, #1339)
    • DSSes filtration during L-MST3D computations (Kacper Pluta,
    • An option for filtering DSSes during LambdaMST3D calculations (Kacper Pluta,
    • New LpMetric class (model of CMetricSpace) for distance computations in R^n.
      (David Coeurjolly, #1388)
  • Documentation

    • Replacing html internal links by ref command in Digital Topology module
      documentation. Also ignoring doxygen warning when ref begins with a digit.
      (Roland Denis, #1340)
    • Fix examples filenames in Digital Topology module documentation (Isabelle
      Sivignon, #1331)
    • Fix doc bug with Hull2D namespace, (Tristan Roussillon,
    • Checking boost version when including boost/common_factor_rt (David Coeurjolly,
    • Fix computational costs of separable metric predicates in the documentation.
      (David Coeurjolly, #1374)
    • Fixing doxygen warnings (typo and doxygen upgrade to v1.8.14)
      (Roland Denis, #1376)
    • Module page about functions, functors and lambdas in DGtal.
      (Roland Denis, #1332)


  • Configuration/General

    • Simplifying Travis CI scripts (David Coeurjolly,
  • Kernel package

    • Fix NumberTraits for long long int types and refactor it.
      (Roland Denis, #1397)
  • Topology

    • Remove the internal object from VoxelComplex, improving performance
      (Pablo Hernandez, #1369)
  • Documentation

    • Improving KhalimskySpace related classes documentations by displaying
      a short description in the member list.
      (Roland Denis, #1398)
  • Helpers

    • Small fixes in Shortcuts and ShortcutsGeometry, doc, and colormaps.
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, #1364)
  • Topology

    • Specializes the method DigitalSurface::facesAroundVertex in the
      3D case, such that faces (ie pointels) are ordered
      counterclockwise with respect of the vertex (ie surfel) seen from
      the exterior. (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
    • This PR fixes two issues related to CubicalComplexFunctions:
      issue #1362 and
      issue #1381 for
      programs testCubicalComplex, testVoxelComplex and
      testParDirCollapse. (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
    • Move operators outside of functions namespace in VoxelComplexFunctions.
      (Pablo Hernandez, #1392)

Bug Fixes

  • Configuration/General

    • Continuous integration AppVeyor fix
    • Fixing documentation checks and updating Travis scripts
      (Roland Denis, #1335)
    • Fixing warning of Clang when including GraphicsMagick v1.3.31
      (Roland Denis, #1366)
    • Fix compilation warnings with gcc 8.2.1
      (Boris Mansencal, #1384)
    • Fix compilation with Visual Studio (15.9.5) and some io tests
      (Boris Mansencal, #1380)
    • Fixing & updating Travis: documentation deployement and DGtalTools job
      (Roland Denis, #1383)
    • Various warnings fixed on Xcode (David Coeurjolly,
    • Fix compilation and adding debug version for the generated file with Visual Studio
      (Raphael Lenain, #1395)
    • Correct pragma pop in ITK related files
      (Boris Mansencal, #1400)
  • Kernel

  • Fixing issue #1341 about unwanted conversions between PointVector with
    different component types (like from double to int) by making explicit
    the default conversion constructor and checking type compatiblity when
    using operators.
    (Roland Denis, #1345)

  • Fixing issue #1387 about the wrong result of PointVector::crossProduct
    in 2D. Also disabling this method for dimensions other than 2 and 3.
    (Roland Denis, #1345)

  • Fixing many issues related to invalid conversion between PointVectors
    of different component types.
    (David Coeurjolly, Roland Denis, Monir Hadji, Bertrand Kerautret,
    Tristan Roussillon, #1345)

  • Base

    • Fixing wrong members in PredicateCombiner (David Coeurjolly,
    • Fix testClone2.cpp and efficiency issue in Clone/CountedPtr mechanism
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, #1382). Fix issue
  • Shapes

    • Fixing openmp flags (David Coeurjolly,
    • Add assignment operator to ImageContainerByITKImage (Pablo Hernandez,
    • Fix compilation warning: const qualifier ignored in cast (Pablo Hernandez,
    • Filter data passed to acos in order to avoid division by zero or an argument
      out of range. (Kacper Pluta, #1359)
  • IO

    • Improve ITKReader, testITKio and testITKReader (Boris Mansencal,
    • Fix wrong typedef for double case in ITKReader (Adrien Krähenbühl,
    • Fix safeguard when using ImageMagick without cmake activation (David Coeurjolly,
    • Fix Color::Green definition (David Coeurjolly,
    • Fix Visual Studio ContourHelper tests.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1386)
  • Geometry

    • Fix a possible tangent vector flapping during L-MST3D and L-MST3DBy2D (Kacper Pluta,
    • Fix a possible issue with data structures orderings in L-MST3D accumulation step (Kacper Pluta,
    • Add missing API to StandardDSS6Computer i.e., isInDSS (Kacper Pluta,
  • DEC package

    • Adding missing headers in some files of DEC.
      (Roland Denis, #1349)
  • Image

    • Fix bug in ImageLinearCellEmbedder.
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, #1356)
  • Miscellaneous

    • Fix Small bug in Integral Invariant Volume Estimator in 2D
      (Thomas Caissard, #1316)
    • Change from private to public access of types Input and Output in SCellToPoint
      (Daniel Antunes, #1346)
    • Correct small typo when compiling with DEBUG defined
      (Boris Mansencal, #1401)
  • Math packages

    • Fix possible division by zero in the MultiStatistics class.
      (Kacper Pluta, #1358)
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Minor release to fix math typesetting using mathjax in the documentation.


Bug Fixes

  • Documentation
    • Fixing path to Mathjax CDN in documentation (David Coeurjolly,
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DGtal 0.9.4

New Features / Critical Changes

  • Shapes

    • Mesh Voxelizer using 6- or 26-separability templated
      (David Coeurjolly, Monir Hadji, #1209)
  • Topology Package

    • Adding the half-edge data structure to represent arbitrary
      two-dimensional combinatorial surfaces with or without boundary
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud #1266)
    • Add VoxelComplex, an extension for CubicalComplex, implementing the Critical-Kernels
      framework, based on the work of M.Couprie and G.Bertrand on isthmus.
      (Pablo Hernandez, #1147)
  • Shapes Package

    • Adding classes and helpers to create triangulated surfaces and
      polygonal surfaces to convert them from/to mesh, as well as a conversion from digital
      surfaces to dual triangulated or polygonal surface (Jacques-Olivier
      Lachaud #1266)
  • Geometry Package

    • Laplace-Beltrami operators on digital surfaces. (Thomas Caissard, #1303)


  • Math package

    • New SimpleMatrix constructor with a initializer_list argument
      (Nicolas Normand, #1250)
  • IO

    • New simple way to extend the QGLViewer-based Viewer3D interface,
      for instance to add callbacks to key or mouse events, or to modify
      what is drawn on the window.
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, #1259)
    • TableReader can now read all elements contained in each line of a file
      with the new method getLinesElementsFromFile().
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1260)
    • New ImageMagick writer to export images to PNG or JPG formats for
      instance. (David Coeurjolly, #1304)
    • SimpleDistanceColorMap new colormap to easily display distance maps.
      (David Coeurjolly, #1302)
    • Fix in MagicReader allowing to load colored images. (David
      Coeurjolly, #1305)
    • Include New ImageMagick writer in GenericWriter. (Bertrand Kerautret,

Bug Fixes

  • Build

    • Fix compilation by using DGtal from swift wrapping (Bertrand Kerautret,
    • Fix C++11 cmake flags and cmake >3.1 is now required (David Coeurjolly,
      Pablo H Cerdan, #1290)
    • Fix HDF5 link missing in compilation (Bertrand Kerautret, #1301)
    • Fix compilation with QGLViewer (2.7.x) and Qt5 (Boris Mansencal, #1300)
  • Shapes Package

    • Fix ImplicitPolynomial3Shape and TrueDigitalSurfaceLocalEstimator.
      Improves projection operator on implicit surface and curvature
      computations. (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, #1279)
  • Configuration/General

    • Upgrading the benchmarks to match with the new google-benchmark API
      (David Coeurjolly, #1244
    • The documentation mainpage now refers to the DGtalTools documentation
      (David Coeurjolly, #1249
    • Fix ITK related try_compile command to work for non-default locations.
      (Pablo Hernandez, #1286
  • IO

    • Fix for compilation with 2.7.0 QGLViewer version.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1280)
    • Fix on the ITK reader when used with a functor which is not able to
      handle 32/16 bits images. Also includes a new testITKReader and ITK tests in
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1255)
    • Viewer3D: fix bad light source move according X/Y mouse move and new Key_Z to
      move away/closer the light source.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1262)
    • Fix ImageContainerByITKImage, fill the itk image buffer with 0 when using the
      domain constructor.
      (Pablo Hernandez, #1307)
  • Kernel Package

    • Fix testBasicPointFunctor. (Bertrand Kerautret #1245)
  • Arithmetic Package

  • Fix SternBrocot and variants static instanciations. (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud

  • Topology Package

    • Fix invalid KhalimskyCell coordinates in ctopo-fillContours.cpp example.
      (Roland Denis, #1296)
  • Documentation

    • Add import with functors in GenericReader in the main default reader.
      (mainly motivated to show documentation of specialized version of
      importWithValueFunctor and importWithColorFunctor). The tiff format
      was also added to the generic readers when ITK is present (Bertrand
      Kerautret 1251)
    • Fix exampleArithDSS3d compilation (which was not activated).
      (Bertrand Kerautret #1254)
  • DEC

    • Fix dependencies flags for DEC examples.
      (Jean-David Génevaux, #1310)
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New Features / Critical Changes

  • Configuration/General
    • The project has a now a unique compiled library: DGtal. The DGtalIO
      target has been removed. (David Coeurjolly,
    • New mandatory dependency for DGtal: zlib must be installed in the system.
      (David Coeurjolly, #1228)
  • Topology Package
    • Implementation of ParDirCollapse with CollapseSurface and CollapseIsthmus.
      (Mohamad ONAYSSI, Bibiana MARTINEZ, Mohamed MELLOULI, Kacper PLUTA,
  • Geometry Package
    • VoronoiMap, PowerMap, (Reverse)DistanceTransformation and ReducedMedialAxis
      now work on toric domains (with per-dimension periodicity specification).
      (David Coeurjolly, Roland Denis,
  • IO
    • New version (3) for the VOL file format that allows (zlib) compressed volumetric
      data. VolReady and VolWriter can still manage Version 2 Vols.
      (David Coeurjolly, #1228)


  • Configuration/General
    • Continuous integration Travis bots are now based on ubunutu/trusty containers.
      (David Coeurjolly, #1227)
    • Set flag -std=c++11 only if needed. Modern compilers set compatible flags
      by default (gnu++14, etc). (Pablo H Cerdan,
    • Documentation
    • All the example descriptions are now in their the examples file (instead in
      dox files).
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1240](#1240)

Bug Fixes

  • Configuration/General
    • Fixing errors and warnings raised by g++ 4.7.x.
      (Roland Denis, #1202)
    • Explicit M_PI definition if needed.
      (David Coeurjolly, #1208)
    • Continuous integration Travis bots are now based on ubunutu/trusty containers.
      (David Coeurjolly, #1227)
    • Fix usage of DESTDIR at install time for linux packagers.
      (Pablo Hernandez, #1235)
    • Fix, let CMake handle DESTDIR instead of manual manipulation.
      (Pablo Hernandez, #1238)
  • Geometry Package
    • ArithDSSIterator: fix missing postfix ++.
      (I. Sivignon, #1187)
    • ContourHelper: add a method to transform a contour into a 8 connected path.
      (B. Kerautret, #1127)
  • IO Package
    • Missing TContainer template parameter for overloaded functions/methods that
      rely on PointVector.
      (Roland Denis, #1232)
    • Viewer3D: fix bad rendering when changing the scale.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1217)
  • Documentation
    • Fixing various BibTeX references.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, ##1237)
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DGtal 0.9.2

New Features / Critical Changes

  • Documentation
    • Fixing all doxygen warnings.
      (Roland Denis, #1182)
    • New "@seeDGtalTools" doxygen command to cite a DGtalTools tool in
      DGtal documentation (David Coeurjolly,
  • Geometry Package
    • New robust normal vector estimator using spherical accumulators and statistical
      voting (Boulc'h & Marlet, SGP 2012).
      (David Coeurjolly, #1149)
  • Math Package
    • New RealFFT class for in-place real-complex Fast Fourier Transform using
      fftw3 library.
      (Roland Denis, #1185)
  • Topology Package
    • Adding periodic closure for KhalimskySpaceND and per-dimension closure
      (Roland Denis, #1086)
    • Adding CPreCellularGridSpaceND concept and KhalimskyPreSpaceND model
      to manipulate unbounded Khalimsky space and cells.
      KhalimskySpaceND now checks that all given cells are within the bounds.
      (Roland Denis, #1086)


  • Configuration/General
    • Travis Continuous integration will check that doxygen raises no warnings
      and that the documented file names are valid.
      (David Coeurjolly, Roland Denis,
    • Cleaning remaining preprocessor directives related to C++11 features.
      (Roland Denis, #1141)
    • Travis Continuous integration will check that DGtalTools still compiles with
      changes in new pull-requests. (David Coeurjolly,
    • Add cmake configuration file NeighborhoodTablesConfig to
      decompress and install look up tables. (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan,
    • Documentation graphs are now in SVG instead of PNG. (David Coeurjolly,
    • Check and add all DGtal examples in the Examples listing section.
      (Bertrand Kerautret,#1166)))
  • Base Package
    • Alias and ConstAlias now raise compilation error when using invalid
      constructor, like from a rvalue reference. Adding ConstAlias in many classes
      that need it.
      (Roland Denis, #1140)
      (With ITK related compilation fix, Bertrand Kerautret
    • Moving all base concepts into namespace concepts. Update doc and
      concepts graphs accordingly. (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, #1164)
  • IO Package
    • Viewer3D: improvement of the viewer state record by saving the rendering
      mode. A new setter was also added to desable/enable double face rendering.
      (Bertrand Kerautret #1166)
    • Viewer3D: add a mode to display ball primitive with OpenGL point instead of
      quadrangulated mesh.
      (Bertrand Kerautret #1162)
    • Viewer3D: add a new mode to have the light source position defined from the
      camera (default) or from the scene coordinate system (key P to change
      position mode). A new lambertian rendering mode was added.
      (Bertrand Kerautret #1149)
    • Add the possibility to interact in QGLViewer Viewer3D class with the voxel
      primitive (was limited to surfel). As with surfel, the user may assign integer
      identifiers (OpenGL names) to voxel and callback functions, which are called
      when voxel are selected. The selected elements are now highlighted.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1146)
  • Topology Package
    • Add pre-calculated look up tables to speed up Object::isSimple calculations.
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1155)

Bug Fixes

  • Configuration/General
    • Simplification of the windows build instructions. (David
      Coeurjolly, #1160)
    • Various fixes in the documentation (e.g. links to concepts
      pages). (David Coeurjolly,
    • Fixing issues raised on some algorithms when changing Euclidean ring
      for SpaceND and KhalimskySpaceND. (Jérémy Levallois,
    • Moving last concepts to concepts:: namespace. (David Coeurjolly,
  • DEC Package
    • Fixing warnings in DiscreteExteriorCalculus and DiscreteExteriorCalculusFactory.
      (Roland Denis, #1139)
  • Geometry Package
    • VoronoiCovarianceMeasure: fix dimension-specific code.
      (Roland Denis, #1145)
    • AlphaThickSegmentComputer: fix segment display errors which could appear
      when displaying a small segment. Fix a non initialized attribute with
      some improvements on bounding box computation with orientation check.
      (B. Kerautret, #1123)
    • Frechet Shortcut: fix implicit rounding.
      (I. Sivignon, #1180)
  • Image Package
    • Fixing issue #779 by
      storing domain with smart pointer in ImageContainerBySTLMap.
      (Roland Denis #1151)
  • IO Package
    • Display3D: Fix embedder usage when using default constructor in Debug mode.
      (Roland Denis #1143)
    • Viewer3D: Fix a problem when the show() method was called at the end of the
      main program (the list creation was not called).
      (Bertrand Kerautret #1138)
    • Viewer3D: add three new modes for shape rendering (default, metallic and
      plastic). The rendering can be changed by using the key M. The user can
      also choose its own rendering with some setter/getter on the opengl
      lightning/properties. (B. Kerautret,
    • readers: fix a vol/pgm/raw reading bug occurring on Windows 10 due to the
      different interpretations of end of line \r\n on Window versus \n on
      unix/mac. Changing reading mode with binary mode instead text mode fix
      the issue. (Bertrand Kerautret
    • Fixing issue #899 in
      all color maps, (David Coeurjolly, Bertrand Kerautret
    • GenericReader: include longvol reader in GenericReader for 64 bit images.
      Update the test for 64 bit longvol. (Bertrand Kerautret
    • Fix the extension removal in Obj filename export in Board3D. (David
    • Fix issue when drawing DSS with both points and bounding box. (David
  • Topology Package
    • Fix wrong starting point for surface tracking in example code
      (Roland Denis, #1144)
    • Fix interior/exterior fill methods of topology/helpers/Surfaces class which
      was wrong on 3d and on closed Khalimsky space.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1156)
    • Fix issue #1168, related to bad
      linear interpolation for binary volume data in
      volMarchingCubes.cpp (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
  • Shape Package
    • Fix a tubular mesh construction problem (missing faces) which appears
      when the center line is oriented in a main axis direction (in
      createTubularMesh()). Also improves and fixes the face construction.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1157)
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Download links are available below

DGtal 0.9.1

New Features / Critical Changes

  • Configuration/General
    • A file has been added to describe how to contribute
      to the library. (David Coeurjolly,
    • DGtal requires now to have a C++11 enabled compiler (gcc>4.6,
      clang>2.9, VS14, ...). This allows us to use new C++11 features in
      DGtal core and to have more generic and reliable code. (David
      Coeurjolly, #1080)
    • DGtal core now compiles on Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio (only
      VS14 or above). Many issues have been fixed for compatibility with
      'cl' compiler. (David Coeurjolly, Jérémy Levallois,
    • DGtal with QGLViewer option activated now compiles on Microsoft Windows,
      Visual Studio (only VS14 or above). (Bertrand Kerautret,
  • Base Package
    • Traits class for containers in order to probe their category at
      compile time. (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
    • Generic set operations for arbitrary containers. You may use
      overloaded operators like &, |, -, ^ on arbitrary containers (list,
      vector, unordered_set, map, etc). (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud,
  • Geometry Package
    • Hull2DHelpers: implementation of the rotating caliper algorithm to compute
      the width (vertical/horizontal or Euclidean) of a convex hull.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1052)
    • MelkmanConvexHull: new reverse method to allow point insertions and convex
      hull computation on both side of a point sequence.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #1073)
    • LogScaleProfile: new class to represent a (multi)scale profile e.g. a sequence
      of statistics on digital lengths parameterized by a grid resolution.
      (Backport of the ScaleProfile class of
      ImaGene ).
      (Bertrand Kerautret, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud
    • IteratorCompletion provides iterators and ranges access from a basic set of methods.
      (Roland Denis, #1029)
  • Image Package
    • ArrayImageAdapter adds a read-write image adapter from any random-access iterator,
      e.g. from a C-array.
      (Roland Denis, #1029)
  • Math Package
    • MultiStatistics: new class to compute different statistics (like
      mean variance, median) on multiple variables. (Backport of the
      Statistics class of
      ImaGene ).
      (Bertrand Kerautret, Jacques-Olivier Lachaud
  • Topology Package
    • New class CubicalComplex and functions associated to
      it. Arbitrary cubical complexes can be represented, displayed and
      multiple operations are defined onto them: incidence, closing,
      opening, closure, star, link, interior, boundary, set operations
      and relations, as a collapse operation.
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, #1079)


  • Configuration
    • Types and classes in helper namespaces Z2i and Z3i for
      StdDefs.h header (2D and 3D digital geometry with
      computations on 32bit integers) are now explicitly instanciated in
      the compiled library. This reduces compilation time when such types
      are used. (David Coeurjolly,
  • DEC Package
    • DiscreteExteriorCalculus holds both primal and dual sizes of each cell.
      Subsequent changes have been made to insertSCell.
      (Pierre Gueth #1082)
    • Convenient static members for KForm :
      KForm::ones(), KForm::zeros() and KForm::dirac(KSpace::Cell).
      (Pierre Gueth #1082)
  • Base Package
    • Enabling circulators in SimpleRandomAccessRangeFromPoint.
      (Roland Denis, #1060)
  • Base
    • Deprecated OldAlias, OldClone, OldConstAlias have been removed. (David
      Coeurjolly, #1074)
  • IO
    • By default, closing a Viewer3D does not save automatically the viewer
      state anymore (in a .qglviewer.xml file). The automatic save can be
      activated by a flag (myAutoSaveState). (Bertrand Kerautret
    • In the Viewer3D, the light source position is now saved in the
      QGLViewer state file (.qglviewer.xml). (Bertrand Kerautret
    • Minor improvements of default settings in Viewer3D. (David
      Coeurjolly, #1066)
    • change the chronological order to display primitives (in the draw
      function) in order to see the cube primitive through the
      transparency of the ball primitives. (Bertrand Kerautret,
    • New possibility to move the light source direction using the mouse move
      in Viewer3D (with the key SHIFT+CTRL (SHIFT+CMD on mac)). The light source
      direction is now defined according the main coordinate system (no more from
      the camera center).
      (Bertrand Kerautret #1070)
    • Adding raw I/O capabilities for non integral types and signed integers.
      (Roland Denis #1084)
  • Shapes Package
    • New methods to remove faces from a Mesh or to obtain the barycenter of a
      (Bertrand Kerautret #1091)

Bug Fixes

  • Configuration/General
    • catch unit test framework upgraded to the develop version. (David
      Coeurjolly, #1055)
    • Fixing boost include path issue when building tools using DGtal and
      its cmake DGtalConfig.cmake. (David Coeurjolly,
    • Fixing parenthese warnings in Catch. Waiting for an official fix.
      (Roland Denis, #1069)
    • Fix constness in selfDisplay and operator<<. (Pierre Gueth
    • DGtal cmake configuration scripts are now installed in the
      ${PREFIX_PATH}/lib/DGtal/ folder on linux systems (when
      running make install command). The documentation is copied to
      the folder ${PREFIX_PATH}/share/DGtal/html/. This fixes issue
      #1095. (David
    • Fix for swapped coordinates in TangentFromDSS2DFunctor. (Kacper
    • Update of the page. (David Coeurjolly,
  • Base Package
    • Fix wrong initialization of reverse iterators in
      SimpleRandomAccess(Const)RangeFromPoint. (Roland Denis,
  • Geometry Package
    • Fix pseudo-random number generator in KanungoNoise (David
  • IO Package
    • Fix line export in Board3D.
      (Bertrand Kerautret ##1119)
    • Fix viewer tests including qt4 headers even with configuring WITH_QT5=ON.
      (Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan, #1100)
    • Fix Viewer3D axis display when they are included in a transparent element.
      (issue #873)
      (Bertrand Kerautret ##1108))
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Merge pull request #1048 from copyme/CastingToDouble

clean ups for casting
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Merge pull request #918 from kerautret/fixDebianWarning

fix a warning given in debian