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DGtalTools-contrib 1.4 (beta)

DGtalTools-contrib 1.3

  • global

    • Continuous integration does not use Travis anymore but Github Actions. (Bertrand Kerautret #58)
  • Geometry3d

    • volFillCCSize: new tool to fill each Connected Component with a value corresponding to the number of voxels of the CC. (Bertrand Kerauret 60
    • vol2meshAndNormals: new tool to estimate normal vectors (using VCM) from digital surface defined in 3D volume. It exports the mesh and the normal vectors. (backport Jacques-Olivier Lachaud from VCM repository and update with CLI) (Bertrand Kerautret and Jacques-Olivier Lachaud #65)
    • obj2off: converts an obj mesh to the .off format. (Bertrand Kerautret #61)
  • visualisation

    • displayLineSegments: fix variable name and remove unused variables. (Phuc Ngo #59)
    • Fix autoEdge option of GraphViewer (inverted interpretation from CLI transform) (Bertrand Kerautret with Craig Hiernard #64)

DGtalTools-contrib 1.2

  • global
    • Fix Appveyor and Travis wioth old default osx_image with xcode12.2 and remove non used boost cmake references. (Bertrand Kerautret #53)

DGtalTools-contrib 1.1

  • global

    • New way to handle command line options of DGtalTools-contrib by using CLI11 instead boost program option. (Phuc Ngo and Bertrand Kerautret #51)
  • visualisation

    • graphViewer: fix compilation issue. (Phuc Ngo #47)
    • graphViewer: fix display issue. (Phuc Ngo #46)
  • global

    • fix Cmake and CPP11 check (Bertrand Kerautret #48)
  • Geometry3d

    • fix off2obj: the colors of .off are now well exported in obj. (Bertrand Kerautret #49)

DGtalTools-contrib 1.0

  • visualisation
    • displayLineSegments: new option to display a second set of lines. (Bertrand Kerautret, #43)
  • displaySet2dPts: new tool to display sets of 2d points. (Bertrand Kerautret, #44)
  • global
    • Fix PointVector implicit conversion (in link to DGtal PR #1345) (Bertrand Kerautret #45)

DGtalTools-contrib 0.9.4

  • global

    • Fix for the last QGLViewer version (2.7). (Bertrand Kerautret, #40)
  • visualisation

    • graphViewer: new option to generate edges from vertex points and to customize vertex color (Bertrand Kerautret, #33)
  • Geometry2d

    • LUTBasedNSDistanceTransform: Removed the dependency to libNetPBM. (Nicolas Normand, #32)
    • thresholdRosin: implementation of Rosin's algorithm to compute threshold of an unimodal intensity histogram (Van-Tho Nguyen and Bertrand Kerautret, #36)
  • Geometry3d

  • off2sdp: a new tool to convert a mesh into a set of points (.sdp). It can extract the mesh vertices (by default) or the face centers. (Bertrand Kerautret, 33)

  • off2obj: tool to convert a mesh represented in off format into obj format. (Bertrand Kerautret, #35)

DGtalTools-contrib 0.9.3

  • visualisation

    • displayLineSegments: add a new tool allowing to display line segment in an output image. (Bertrand Kerautret)
    • meshViewerEdit: add a button to invert the current selection (Bertrand Kerautret)
  • Geometry2d

    • houghLineDetect: to detect line segment from Hough transform (using OpenCV).

DGtalTools-contrib 0.9.2

  • visualisation

    • graphViewer: add a new tool allowing to display graph from edges, vertex and radii. (Adrien Krahenbuhl)
  • Geometry3d

    • xyzScale: a basic tool to adjust the scale of an xyz file. (Bertrand Kerautret)

DGtalTools-contrib 0.9.1

  • Geometry2d

  • meaningFullThickness: to display the meaningful thickness of digital contour. (Bertrand Kerautret)

  • LUTBasedNSDistanceTransform: Compute the 2D translated neighborhood-sequence distance transform of a binary image. (Nicolas Normand)

  • CumulativeSequenceTest and RationalBeattySequenceTest: tests from LUTBasedNSDistanceTransform. (Nicolas Normand)

  • Geometry3d

  • basicEditMesh: to apply basic mesh edition (scale change, mesh face contraction, face filtering). (Bertrand Kerautret)

  • computeMeshDistances: computes for each face of a mesh A the minimal distance to another mesh B. (Bertrand Kerautret)

  • volLocalMax: extract the local maximas of a vol image within a spherical kernel. (Bertrand Kerautret)

  • basicMorphoFilter: apply basic morpho filter from a ball structural element. (Bertrand Kerautret)

  • visualisation

  • displayTgtCoverAlphaTS: to display alpha-thick segment given on a simple contour. (Bertrand Kerautret)

  • meshViewerEdit: tool to visualize a mesh and to apply simple edits (face removal, color edits...). (Bertrand Kerautret)