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@kerautret kerautret released this Apr 21, 2019

After about 10 years of developments, we are very proud to announce the DGtal 1.0 release.

Many thanks to all developers that have contributed to DGtal and its tools.

Please have a look to the release note for details.

DGtal 1.0

DGtalTools 1.0

  • generators

    • 3dParametricCurveDigitizer - a tool for digitization of 3D parametric curves (Kacper Pluta,
  • global

    • Continuous integration AppVeyor fix. (Bertrand Kerautret, #337).
    • Fix PointVector implicit conversion (in link to DGtal PR #1345)
      (Bertrand Kerautret and David Coeurjolly, #347)
    • Fix Documentation nightly update on github website.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #348)
    • CMake exposes boost static option. (Bertrand Kerautret #351)
    • Fix compilation and execution with Visual Studio for volSurfaceRegularization.
      (Raphael Lenain, #353)
  • volumetric

    • New tool to fill the interior of a voxel set (volFillInterior).
      (David Coeurjolly, #343).
    • Update Critical Kernels thinning using VoxelComplex, following
      recent changes in DGtal. (Pablo Hernandez, #345)
  • estimators

    • New option for 3dCurveTangentEstimator which allows to detect the principal curve direction
      (Kacper Pluta, #342)
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@kerautret kerautret released this Mar 26, 2018 · 96 commits to master since this release

Small fix including:

  • Bugfix parsing options in regularization tool (volSurfaceRegularization)
  • Min DGtal version updated
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@kerautret kerautret released this Mar 19, 2018 · 113 commits to master since this release

DGtalTools 0.9.4

  • converters

    • mesh2vol: add option to add margin in the generated volume
      (to better extract the surfel boudary near domain limits).
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #322)
    • vol2vox/vox2vol: tools to convert vol file to a MagicaVoxel VOX file and
      conversly. (David Coeurjolly, #314)
    • volAddNoise moved to volumetric/. (David Coeurjolly, #300)
    • segfault fix in volBoundary2obj (David Coeurjolly, #317)
    • Fix the bad surfel display of volBoundary2obj (issue #320)
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #321)
  • volumetric

    • new option to volAddNoise to extract the largest 6-connected
      component. (David Coeurjolly, #300)
    • new option to 3dVolMarchingCubes to add some Kanungo noise to the
      input vol file. (David Coeurjolly, #300)
    • Add thinning based of Critical Kernels using VoxelComplex.
      Based on DGtal PR 1147 (Pablo Hernandez, #311)
  • visualisation:

    • New tool for mesh voxelization from a mesh in input (.off)
      to a volumetric output (vol, pgm3d) (Monir Hadji, #279)

    • 2dCompImage : Computes and displays image comparisons (squared and absolute
      differences) (Bertrand Kerautret, #313)

    • Improve visualisation tools (vol2heightfield, vol2obj, vol2raw, vol2sdp,
      vol2slice,volBoundary2obj,3dImageViewer, 3dVolViewer, sliceViewer, Viewer3DImage)
      allowing to read longvol including rescaling. (Bertrand Kerautret, #296)

    • Add an option to filter vector displayed in 3dSDPViewer.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #297)

    • meshViewer: add an option to set the ambient light source.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #303)

    • 3dSDPViewer: new option to display vector field as unit vectors.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #301)

  • converters:

    • sdp2vol: add the automatic set of the domain according to the
      bouding box of the set of points. (Bertrand Kerautret, #305)
  • global:

    • Fix travis Doxygen compilation for non Documention mode.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #314)
    • Fix travis with boost installation which now use std package.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #310)
    • Fix for the last QGLViewer version (2.7).
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #308)
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@kerautret kerautret released this Feb 12, 2017 · 309 commits to master since this release

DGtalTools 0.9.3

  • global:
    • Various fixes to enable the new Version3 (compressed) Vol/Longvol files.
      (David Coeurjolly, #287)
    • Fix Appveyor continuous integration with zlib installation and boost fix.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #289)
  • imageProcessing:
    • Creates imageProcessing directory. Add tools for doing image restoration
      and inpainting with Ambrosio-Tortorelli functional and discrete calculus.
      (Jacques-Olivier Lachaud, Marion Foare
  • converters:
    • fix tool itk2vol which was not able to read and convert int type image.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #276)
    • add a CLOSURE export mode in volBoundary2obj. Default mode has been changed
      to "BDRY"
      (David Coeurjolly, #281)
  • visualisation:
    • Add SnapShot option for meshViewer and 3dVolViewer
      (useful to get visualisation without interaction like for scripting and/or
      online demonstration). It also contains a new option to display a mesh in
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #282)
    • Add an option to display vector fields in displayContours
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #290)
  • estimators:
    • 2dlocalEstimators: add an option to export the generated contour.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #285)
    • tangentBC: add an option to read sdp points as input.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #285)
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@kerautret kerautret released this Jun 27, 2016 · 412 commits to master since this release

DGtalTools 0.9.2

  • global:
    • fix wrong Khalimsky space initialization in Freeman2Img.
      (Roland Denis, #271)
    • doxygen documentation added for all tools. (David Coeurjolly, Bertrand Kerautret, #258
    • fix uses of temporaries when ConstAlias is needed.
      (Roland Denis, #253)
    • renaming of the shapeGenerator folder to generators (David Coeurjolly, #268))
  • visualisation:
    • meshViewer: add a key to display mesh information about number of
      vertex/faces. (Bertrand Kerautret, #273)
    • 3dSDPViewer: fix the mesh display which was not given with their original
      colors. (Bertrand Kerautret, #272)
    • 3dSDPViewer: add the possibility to display a set of point by using
      different sphere sizes (specified in the input sdp file). (Bertrand Kerautret, #252)
    • sliceViewer: fix bug when imported image domain doesn't contain (0,0,0) point.
      (Roland Denis, #256)
    • 3dSDPViewer: add an option to display on screen the selected voxel.
      (Bertrand Kerautret, #257)
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@kerautret kerautret released this Jan 24, 2016 · 568 commits to master since this release


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@kerautret kerautret released this Oct 6, 2015 · 653 commits to master since this release

Merge pull request #216 from dcoeurjo/IInormal

Add an options to 3dCurvatureViewer (w/o noise) to output normal vectors.
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@kerautret kerautret released this Sep 4, 2014 · 818 commits to master since this release

Merge pull request #185 from kerautret/editAgain

edit again
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@dcoeurjo dcoeurjo released this Dec 9, 2013 · 1127 commits to master since this release

Merge pull request #106 from kerautret/MergeNicolas

Merge Nicolas PR from futur master
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Feb 23, 2013


DGtalTools 0.6
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