Bundle of nuget packages to form a Quality Assurance starter for projects
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DHGMS Quality Assurance Pack

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DHGMS Quality Assurance Pack is a starter nuget package to stick in projects that bundles together various Roslyn Analyzers and other tools that can be handy in Quality Assurance of a development project. The projects bundled into this are subjective and may not suit your tastes, but it's a good proof of concept on how you can do something similar for your own team.

Mission Statement

  • Provide a simple package as a proof of concept around a starter for making Quality Assurance a central part of day to day development.
  • Keep the project small and simple so won't require much ongoing maintenance.

Viewing the documentation

The documentation can be found at http://dhgms-solutions.github.io/qualityassurancepack/

Contributing to the code

1. Fork the code

See the github help page for instructions on how to create a fork.

2. Apply desired changes

Use your preffered method for carrying out work.

3. Send a pull request

See the github help page for instructions on how to send pull requests