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Splat Contributions

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Splat Contrib is a small library aimed at providing some extensions to the excellent Splat library by Paul Betts.

Mission Statement

  • Provide logic for Feature Usage Tracking in Applications
  • Provide logging extensions that allow Func<string> to be passed in and only be evaluated if the relevant logging level is enabled.
  • Look to feed contributions back to the main splat project once they've reached a point of maturity.

Getting started

Step 1. Install Splat Contrib via the NuGet package: Splat.Contrib

PM> Install-Package Splat.Contrib

Viewing the documentation

See the main documentation for Splat

Functional Logging

These methods are extensions to the current Splat logging mechanism. They simply need you to change your logging methods to pass a Func<string> \ Lambda into them.

// These are extension methods so at the top of your .cs file you will need
using Splat;

// then utilise the extension methods exactly the same way as you would the normal logging methods.
this.Log().Debug(() => "Something that will only evaluate if the debug log level is enabled");

Feature Usage Tracking


Contributing to the code

1. Fork the code

See the github help page for instructions on how to create a fork.

2. Apply desired changes

Use your preffered method for carrying out work.

3. Send a pull request

See the github help page for instructions on how to send pull requests