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Repositories for DHI Solution Software Components

DHI are the first people you should call when you have a tough challenge to solve in a water environment – be it a river, a reservoir, an ocean, a coastline, or an aquifer.

Our knowledge of water environments is second-to-none. It represents 50 years of dedicated research and real-life experience from more than 140 countries. We strive to make this knowledge globally accessible to clients and partners by channelling it through our local teams and unique software.

Our world is water. So whether you need to save water, share it fairly, improve its quality, quantify its impact or manage its flow, we can help. Our knowledge, combined with our team's expertise and the power of our technology, holds the key to unlocking the right solution.


  1. mikeio mikeio Public

    Read, write and manipulate dfs0, dfs1, dfs2, dfs3, dfsu and mesh files.

    Python 127 51

  2. mikeio1d mikeio1d Public

    Read res1d and xns11 files.

    Python 21 3

  3. MIKECore-Examples MIKECore-Examples Public

    MIKE Core Examples: dfs, pfs, projections.

    Batchfile 8 3

  4. Mike1D-SDK-examples Mike1D-SDK-examples Public

    MIKE 1D SDK examples

    C# 8 8

  5. terracotta terracotta Public

    A light-weight, versatile XYZ tile server, built with Flask and Rasterio 🌍

    Python 627 65

  6. modelskill modelskill Public

    Compare results from MIKE and other simulations with measurements

    Python 21 7


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