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Releases: DHI/DHI-MATLAB-Toolbox

DHI MATLAB Toolbox v.19.0.0

17 Dec 12:12
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This is version 19.0.0 of the DHI MATLAB Toolbox, based on MIKE Release 2021 components.

New in this release:

1: The toolbox now contains all software as part of the toolbox. It is no longer required to install any MIKE Software for the toolbox to work. Check section on Requirements for details.

2: The use of DHI.MIKE.Install to locate a MIKE installation is no longer required, and should be removed.

3: To locate the required assemblies, the most convenient is to use the method:


Note that now the file extension '.dll' is also included, which was not the case in previous versions of the toolbox. The following lines are the most common lines required in order to work with dfs files

import DHI.Generic.MikeZero.DFS.*;
import DHI.Generic.MikeZero.*.*;

4: The dfsTSO class has been removed, since the underlying TSObject is no longer a part of the MIKE software suite. To continue using the dfsTSO class and its functionality, download instead the version 18 (Release 2020) or earlier of the toolbox. Check out the user guide in that release zip file for details of using and installing the toolbox.


  • The MzWriteMesh.m now checks the boundary codes of all boundary nodes, and if a boundary code is zero for a boundary node, it will automatically be updated to 1 (land boundary value).

Version 18.0.0, matching MIKE Release 2020

03 Jan 13:31
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Updated for MIKE Release 2020

Version 17.0.0, matching MIKE Version 2019

20 Nov 14:48
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Updated for MIKE Release 2019